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I am having a really annoying problem with my laptop right now and I would seriously appreciate if anyone could help me with some diagnosis to help fix the problem.

I recently found a virus on my laptop or more like a trojan posing as an anti-virus program on my computer. Every time I tried to use Firefox, it would report that I could not do so unprotected and would refuse to give me access to it. So, in an attempt to fix the problem, I deleted what I had deduced to be corrupted system processes and files (in hindsight, this probably was not too smart since I've no clue about this but I was getting quite ticked at the time).

Well, I can use Firefox now, I'm just in a slightly annoying situation. Every time I try to use a program on my computer, Windows asks me to choose the program I want to open the file with. Example: I click on Windows Media Player on the taskbar and it requests me to find the program so I find executable file and it runs it. How can I fix this problem? I have no clue what to do. What will I have to do?
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  1. Do a system restore to a time before you deleted any files. If that does not work, you can try a Repair setup of Windows 7.

    If you have virus issues, read the guides in the forums before deleting things at random, 99% of the time that causes more issues than any virus does.
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