ATI Media Center in Windows XP MCE

I just bought a ATI AIW 1900 and the included software bundle installed fine but the included media software won't run. (the TV function tells me it's unable to start the TV) And to check windows system to ensure the proper driver is installed. (it is)

I am thinking this is a software problem but I posted it here in case anyone has had the same problem due to defective hardware.

Apparently this is a very common problem using ATI's software bundle in XP MCE. I have tried every "fix" on ATI's website but to no avail.

On the other hand everything works fine in Windows supplied software. I can watch TV, record, and program events to record.

I have downloaded all the latest drivers and fully uninstalled all ATI software using there uninstaller tool and reinstalled and I keep getting the same error.

Should I just give up on the ATI bundle as everyone tells me that the windows software is better anyway? Or does anyone know of another "fix" for this problem?

The only thing I haven't done is update my BIOS but I don't see how that could affect it, but I guess I will try that next.

My system is as follows:

Windows Media Center 2005 with all updates.
P4 630 3.00ghz
1024 megs 2.5 3 3 7 DDR 400
2 seagate 250gig 7200 rpm SATA in raid0
2 WD 160gig 7200 rpm PATA in raid 0
ATI AIW 1900
Gigabyte 8I915P Duo Rev 1.0 MOBO
I have a 500watt powersupply and several cooling fans as well

The P4 runs at a chilly 27c at all times and the internal case temp never goes above 34c. Both raid arrays run at around 39c.

Nothing is overclocked.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I tried playing a game on it and the screen is flickering REALLY bad when I move my mouse vertically, is this a sign the card may be bad?
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  1. This could be an issue with MCE, which is inferior to ATI MMC in spite of what "everyone" inexperienced with MMC says.

    First thing I'd do is try installing the latest driver version (Catalyst 6.2) and downloadable version of MMC.
  2. I used the ATI unistaller tool and uninstalled all the ATI software and reinstalled Catalyst 6.2 and download the latest MMC. I get a message that the ATI center is unable to start the TV tuner and to check my drivers. I can't see anything but I can hear static through my speakers.

    I am pretty sure that this has to do with a conflict between XPMCE and ATI MMC with the TV video driver/codec. After installing a few new codecs the TV tuner would instantly crash MCE about every 5-10 seconds as long as the TV tuner codec was enabled. I disabled the codec and the problem stopped. After uninstalling the new codecs everything worked fine again.

    On another note if I disable the TV tuner codec/driver the 3D performance gets a boost. Weird.

    I have a copy of XP pro should I try reinstalling Windows XP pro and losing the Media Center? It would suck as I built this system with the plan of running MCE but if the ATI software is better I would be willing to try this.

    Thanks for the help.
  3. MMC is a little more flexible than MCE and seems to have slightly lower system overhead. Flexibility in MMC configuration has been the main complaint of those who complain, as MCE's lack of advanced configuration features makes it "simpler".

    Of course the same people who complain about MMC also built snap-together model cars when they were kids, rather than the highly detailed glue together models the rest of us prefered.
  4. Thanks for the info. The MCE interface is kinda annoying anyway, I think I may try switching back to XP Pro and see if that helps.
  5. There is no need to reinstall XP as it is the same OS. The only difference is that MCE has the MCE interface where as XP lacks this.

    I have an ATI card myself but I prefer the MCE interface as it is simpler to use, but to each his own.

    MCE does have more overhead for cards like the All in Wonder, but not much of a difference being that these cards do software encoding of Mpeg 2.

    Anyway, to fix your problem, disbale "Media Receiver" service in your Administrative Tools, Services. This will force MCE to let go of the hold it has on your Tuner Card.
  6. Thanks greatly appreciated, I new MCE was Pro but I didn't know you could do that. I'll try that next.
  7. OK I tried disabling MCE in Administrative Tools, Services but I am still getting a "Unable to start TV" Message telling me to check the driver.
  8. Try [Start]-[RUN]

    Type "net stop ehrecvr" [ok]

    Now try your ATI TV App. Should work.

    I've been using x800 AIW for a while now. The latest drivers finally let you use the TV tuner functions on the AIW series without installing the ATI Media suite. Just install the 9-13 encoder.exe driver, reboot, and Media Center works fine without the additional overhead.

    IMHO, the ATI suite is chaff. I much prefer using the Media Center interface. I also used to get TV lockups with both installed. I haven't had any since installing the new encoder.

    Hope this was what you were looking for!
  9. Hey, sorry to read that you are having diffuculties. Have you tried installing Windows XP Media Centre Edition Encoder from ATI's download site? Maybe this will help.
    Good Luck!
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