Is PC2-5400 RAM a lot better than PC24200 RAM???


I am running a Prescott 630 3.0GHz and I was having some problems with my RAM freezing my computer and it was Mushkin PC2-5400-667mhz.

I then changed to some Kingston PC2-4200-533mhz and my computer now works. But then on the other hand this 533mhz RAM was on my mobos QVL list where as the Mushin RAM wasn't so do you think that I can run some Kingston PC2-5400-667Mhz RAM as long as it is in my mobos QVL list???

Your thoughts please,

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  1. if ur mobo support ddr667 then it should be able to run the kingston... it should have been able to run the muskin too? maybe it was a bad batch...
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