a good workstation from server?


I need to use 1U PC servers for workstations. System requirements are 1CPU 3GHz, P4, 1Gb RAM, 120 SATA, Dual video, audio, no CD. Win XP Pro.
(Servers units must be epxpandable to dual video and audio ..)
There are such servers from Intel, Dell, HP ...
Can anyone suggest any benchmark site where servers are compared to workstations?
Any other known flaws, why server isn't a good workstation?
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  1. why do you want 1 u servers just wondering it seams kind of strange to want a 1 u workstation couldnt a thin pc like shuttle or another sff be suitable.
  2. Hi,

    Just because there are too many of these PCs and the room is limited, then rackmounting 1U seems most reasonable. Unfortunately 1U workstations aren't manufactured, so someone proposed to replace these with 1RU servers from Intel, HP or Dell.
    To explain the background of the whole solution takes too much time to describe and to understand.

    The only question now is - can a 1RU server be a good workstation and why?
  3. first you requested duel moniter capibilaty for future this is easially achieved by a pci add in card but servers are very limited i would susgest a small form factor case such as shuttles or some other htpc but thats my opininion also servers run a lot more then a small formfactor case.
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