Trying to restore my PC to when I bought.

As the title says, I know what im trying to do and that is wipe is completely to bring it back to the day I bought it. Im just afraid now i totally screwed that up. I downloaded a hacked version of Windows 7 yes i know i dont wanna hear about it lol. I had Vista, and when i had vista I noticed in the system recovery menu there was an option to restore it to the day the PC was shipped to the store. and now with Win 7 its gone.. I was wondering if there still is a way to do that? And no i didnt make a backup before installed Win 7 i know bad idea i just wanna know if there is anything i can do if u need any info let me know. thanks for the help :)
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    If you installed Win 7 over the other OS, you probably wiped the restore partition. To get a restore disk now, you need to contact the vendor of the PC.
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