Are buyers of the Radeon X1900XTX being ripped of


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At the end of the day, the numbers speak for themselves - Although how much money an additional boost in framerate is worth is a subjective thing, I really can't imagine that anybody will truly be willing to part with as much as an extra $100 to benefit from only a couple of extra frames per second across the board. Factor in the lack of speed binning of R580 cores and the use of the same memory modules on both X1900 XT and XTX parts, and you really have very little reason to go for an XTX at all. This becomes even more so the case if you don't have a problem with grabbing some software (or simply using ATI's own OVERDRIVE facility) to overclock to XTX speeds, which should be possible in the vast majority of, if not all, cases.
All in all, it feels rather strange that ATI have decided to release two SKUs based around R580 in this fashion at all - It almost seems as though the decision was made before yields of the core were known, and these two parts were subsequently shoehorned into their respective positions even though there was little technical need to do so. Of course, high-end graphics boards mean high margins for both ATI and their AIB partners, but to my mind that still doesn't excuse the feeling that buyers of the Radeon X1900 XTX are being somewhat ripped off, while those who are perhaps more technically astute (or at least better read on their potential video card purchases) are coming away with a much better side of the deal.
So, the advice from us is really quite simple here while prices stand as they currently do - Unless bragging rights are your greatest concern, forget about picking up the Radeon X1900 XTX, and find yourself a Radeon X1900 XT-based part instead. It'll give you just as many gaming thrills and spills as its more expensive brother, and leave you a hefty chunk of change to enjoy on whatever else you pleas
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  1. You could also say "Are buyers of any top of the line/newly released cards getting ripped off?"

    Unless bragging rights are your greatest concern

    Thats all they are good for.
  2. Some people have the money and want the performance. Dont forget that not everyone is a kid like you...
  3. I finally (just this month) finally got a near the top card (x1800xl) and the performance difference over my older low end cards (ati 9200/nv 6200) is undeniable. It has made a huge difference, both in quality and speed, in all the games I play.

    Of course, I still could not justify spending 500 dollars for a card, and opted for one that was 320.

    As to the xtx, that 100 bucks is probably only an insurance policy for getting a factory OC'd board.

    It's kind of like deciding whether to buy a new board from newegg or buying a used one on ebay. You may decide its worth spending extra bucks for the peace of mind.
  4. Quote:
    Some people have the money and want the performance. Dont forget that not everyone is a kid like you...

    gersson ***
    was that a personal attack or did i take it the wrong way???

    Im one of those people, how many kids you know that are 41
    Not only do i have the money but i have to pay extra for pc hardware eg:
    a 7800gtx cost me about $1000 here in Israel.

    STURM ***
    not really i have a 6800256 meg card now and i cant run all the games i want to @ max specs. I need a 7800gtx or better

    ivoryjohn ***
  5. If people don't do the research, they only have themselves to blame for spending so much $. Its like they're ripping themselves off. If people didn't buy the product, it would get cheaper.
  6. Are the XTX owners being ripped off, or are the XT owners being offered a super deal?

    It's all relative. But as long as theirs a "best" card out there, someone will want to buy it, even if it's only the best by a tiny margin.

    If they have the cash, it's hardly a "rip-off". It's caveat emptor.

    If you're spending +$500 on a videocard and haven't researched what you're getting, then you'll get exactly what you deserve...
  7. Well said.
  8. Don't worry dude, an x1900xtx costs $1500 here in south africa. Now imagine a 7800gtx 512.
  9. Quote:
    Don't worry dude, an x1900xtx costs $1500 here in south africa. Now imagine a 7800gtx 512.

    I guess you will be happy now that the price will come down.? in a few weeks unless you got 1 allready.
  10. Hey guys, it's not about the size - it's how you use it.The cards you are talking about here in Macedonia(bet you don't know the location) cost like a diamond ring and even worse you can't find them. But here there are so many HAPPY FX5200's that had rendered so many games that you can't imagine.Here is like the pirate capital of the world.A DVD game costs 50cent. :lol:
  11. there not the same... well they are but the x1900xtx has higher overclocking vs a xt. there are lots of people who are mad because they cant get there xt to 650core and 775 mem. alot of people are saying they use 1.2ns mem on some xt's while they used 1.1ns on the xtx, and follow up that with they used ultra tight timings so u cant oc the xt to xtx speeds. this is something new that ati is doing.

    highest I got my xtx is 725 core and 820/1640 mem with uping the voltage and with the fan speeds altered.
  12. I'm actually looking to buy crossfire, if i get it off newegg i can pay the price of an average computer here for crossfire and a 3800+. And the price is going down you say? Cool... Uuum. Why? New manufacturing process? New Nvidia card?
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