Heater Core or Black Ice Xtreme II

Alright guys, I've been looking around at what rad to get and I've been coming across mixed messages.

I was going to go with a B.I. X. 2 but then I've been reading about people using Dual 120mm Dual Pass Heater Core's. (I'd be running a dual 120mm shroud on either of them)

Which would be the best?
I'm only going to be cooling a Pentium D 940, no GPU, chipset, HD or anything. I'd be using a Swiftech Storm block, most likely a DD12V-D5 Pump, Tygon tubing, a five and a quarter inch bay res, all at 1/2"...

Also, what would be the best fans to go with!? I dont care too much about noise but I dont want a jet engine either...

Thanks guys
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  1. The coice you make appears to be driven by economics. The car heater core solution is every bit as effective but much cheaper. There are several overclocking websites that can even tell you which car heater core to use so you can purchase one that more easily lends itself to a pc application. Also, use a 120mm fan and shop for one that is quiet (<30 db) and has about 70 cfm airflow. Several brands should fit this application. Shop price.
  2. note that both needs high pressure fans, so 100cfm+ is need for both to perform. as far as performance goes, the heatercore will outperform the bix2 with a certain cfm (130+)...ish

    the heatercore does require some modding or buy it from danger den or places like that. the price isn't that much different now considering the price reduction on teh black ice family.

    if i were you, i would get a heatercore, its probably as good as a bix3 and costs cheaper
  3. So what type (brand) of fans would recommend?

    I just came across this guy, Fan Controller and thought it'd be great for the 3-4 fans I would be using... What do you think?
  4. for a heater core? i assume you can tolerate noise

    go for a high pressured delta or any other kind of fan thats:


    130cfm+ (you can turn it down with a fan controller)
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