Windows 7 ultimate bitlocker question

i was wondering how well bitlocker works on windows 7 ultimate? i want security but dont want it to slow down my pc alot. would true crypt be better?

here are my specs to see if it would slow down much thanks!

4gb ddr3 corsair dominator
60gb ocz vertex 2 ssd (for os, photoshop, and other small apps)
1tb samsung spinpoint
sapphire radeon 4870 1gb
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  1. Hi,

    Just wanted to share my experience with bitlocker. I have the following specs:

    i7 860 (quad core)
    8gb dd3
    NVIDIA geforce gtx 580

    My computer never had hang ups or issues until i started using bitlocker. Microsoft word crashed 4 times in a row when trying to save a file. But, it had *never* crashed in the year I've owned my computer. And multiple programs had issues with file access after it was turned on, so unless you have very sensitive data I would say don't use it!

    ~uninstalling bitlocker (which takes hours and hours) as I type ...
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