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After leaving my computer for a week for the holidays my computer isn't working properly. I hit the power switch, the PSU's fan comes on, the CPU's fan comes on and the red light indicating power comes on. But the monitor doesn't activate, the lights on the floppy or dvd drive don't come up at all and there are no beeps. I've checked my psu and it's working fine. I'm not sure but could it be my motherboard's dead?
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  1. I see a number of people viewed this post and no one replied yet... :( So, I'll take a stab at it to get it going. :)

    Your motherboard should normally beep when you boot up and when everything is fine most motherboards beep once. If you still hear beeps then you might want to find your manual or search online for what the series of beep mean. This probably means one of the main boot up components is not working properly (my guess would be overheated or power surge without knowing more detail).

    Does sound like there is nothing wrong with PSU so the other approach would to test your RAM, CPU, and maybe your gfx card by swapping it with a compatible working system. If you have integrated video then try plugging in another working card into non-working system (to save a bit of work and guessing). You need RAM, CPU, and graphics card all working to boot up system.

    Hope that helps. :)
  2. need a little more info on you system

    what processor
    What motherboard
    what brand of ram and how much you have+ram timings if you know them
    what powersupply brand and the wattage

    it sounds like the system is trying to power up but doesn't have enough juice. disconnect or take out everything except your processor 1 stick of ram and your video card leave all of your fans connected.

    try to boot up
  3. put it in the washing machine for 30 minutes, there is too much duzt.
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