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i was just wondering if emt64 is actually equivalent to amd64, or is it just enough of a solution to make it 64 bit compatible? which would run better on windows xp x64, an amd64 or an intel chip with emt64?

i'm not really planning to buy either of these or windows x64 in the near future, but i'm just curious.
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  1. I've tested 64 bit on both Intel and AMD systems. Generally, the AMD systems run better and if i'm not mistaken, there are reports out that show (I wish Mr. Linux was here right about now) AMD performs 20-70% better with 64 bit.

    I've seen it first hand and I can tell you from experience, the AMD 64 bit is better IMO. Intel just merely added the EM64T to make them compatible. AMD pretty much built it from the ground up.

    Now, 32 bit I think is a different story but I won't go there. :wink:
  2. I don't have personal experience (or links for that matter at the moment) but AMD pwns Intel in x64 comparisons. Both Windows and even more so in Linux.
  3. dude ask linux 0 he is a programmer AND LOVES THE OPTY
  4. Most benchmarks I've seen, AMD gains more than Intel going from 32 bit to 64 bit binaries. On some benchmarks (on Anand I believe, Johan tested some database performance on Linux) intel even looses performance where AMD gets a nice boost from 64bt code.

    Lots of explanations, EM64T being a quick hack is one for them, but to be fair, another reason is that most tools and compilers for x64 are optimized for AMD, since it was the first implementation. Also, most 32 bit binaries where never really optimized for K8s in the first place, so a considerable part of the speedups you see going to 64 bit, has nothing to do with the 64 bit code as such, but simply that compilers use optimization for the K8.

    With time, and certainly with Conroe, I expect both to get similar speedups.
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