I checked my CPU temp. in BIOS and it was idling at 54C. Is that a normal temperature for a 3.2 GHz P4? Also, is there an easy way to monitor CPU temp. in Windows?
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  1. yes it is normal. you are using the crappy stock cooler right? do you know which model number it is? i.e 540, 541, or 640..?
  2. Yes, it is the crappy stock cooler. The model is 640. Maybe I should ask if this is a safe temperature.
  3. yeah its fine, if you don't want to spend the money on a new cooler. these chips can handle 70*C easy.
    I'd recommend get a zalman cnps7700 if it will fit on your mobo or else a cnps9500 - it'll be really quiet and cool too. depending on your case ventilation you'll idle at under 38*C.
  4. To check your temps in Windows use speedfan. Google it. Good little program, will monitor all your temps for you.
  5. 54C at idle is a little high even with the stock cooker!

    How many fans do you have in the case and are they running at full speed?

    Whats your ambiant temp?

    Check your bios and make sure EIST is enabled.

    Run with the case cover off and see if the temp drops, if so you have poor air flow and need to adjust it.

    Try this to monitor your temps in windows. It's not 100% accurate, usually 2-3C below actual temp. Depends on your mobo sensors.




    P4 640 @ 3.2GHz 35.5C idle
    6600 GT AGP
    Antec Sonata Case
  6. hashv2f16 said

    yeah its fine, if you don't want to spend the money on a new cooler. these chips can handle 70*C easy.

    Hey man lay off the hash!

    If a 640 hits 70C you've got bbbiigggg problems!




    P4 640 @ 3.2GHz 35.5C idle
    6600 GT AGP
    Antec Sonata Case
  7. Quote:
    54C at idle is a little high even with the stock cooker!

    I don't know if "cooker" was a typo or what, but I laughed when I read it.

    Thanks for the help.
  8. OK, I just checked the temps in BIOS again and the CPU was at 50-51C. I stayed in BIOS for a few minutes and it changed to 57C. Is that normal?
  9. yes man. its normal. if you've got crappy cooling.
  10. Was that with the case cover on or off?

    It's normal for the temp to rise slightly in bios as it stabilises.

    Relax! it's not going to hurt it but it can be reduced with proper case ventilation.

    Download speed fan and open it and leave it running with the chart open to log temp.

    Play a game and see what your load temp is. That's the one thats important.

    Make sure there's no build up of dust on the cooler.

    P4 640 @ 3.2GHz 35.5C idle
    6600 GT AGP
    Antec Sonata Case
  11. if u know the manafacture, check out there website

    if it's by chance an asus board, u can get a program called

    Asus Probe

    i am gonna say thou 54 is fine, i am running @ Intel 530J

    @ 35F on the Stock Fan and Heat Sink

    but keep in mind that i have a Thermaltake Armor Case and decent Cooling
  12. Djsx64 said

    i am gonna say thou 54 is fine, i am running @ Intel 530J

    No offence but a 530J does not have speed step.


    A 640 throttles back to 2.800Ghz in idle so his temps should not be that high.

    Its fast approaching throttling due to temp at idle?


    P4 640 @ 3.2GHz 35.5C idle
    6600 GT AGP
    Antec Sonata Case
  13. Also keep in mind u got an Intel CPU .....

    Or it just be the sensor...
  14. Just to give you an idea of the performance of the stock cooler is like follow the link.


    I don't use the cooler in the review but it compares it to a stock intel cooler.


    P4 640 @ 3.2GHz 35.5C idle
    6600 GT AGP
    Antec Sonata Case
  15. Hey, so what does speedstep mean for overclocking? does it throttle your overclocked chip down regardless waht you set the frequency to? Is there any way of disabling it? does setting power schemes in the control panel to "always on" disable speedstep throttling?
  16. Just for you I've included this link. :lol:


    Why would I wan't to disable a feature that protects your system.

    Do you disable the brakes in your car?

    Yes I can oc to 3.680Ghz and stable. Logging with throttle watch I can see that it reaches this at 100% load and no throttling, but when the load is less than 100% it goes back to 3.400GHz.

    It's fine and works for me.

    My power scheme is set to "always on" and it doesn't disable it.

    On my setup you can disable EIST in bios - never have though, no need.

    Anyway this is going off topic.

    Timbob87 obviously has a temp problem with the cooling on his P4 640.


    P4 640 @ 3.2GHz 35.5C idle
    6600 GT AGP
    Antec Sonata Case
  17. ahhh thanks :D
  18. Intels.... they are hot :mrgreen:
  19. Whilst I agree with what you say in regards to the seating, TIM and the fasteners that's not to say that it is a problem with every mobo out there making it a bit premature to be changing the stock cooler on the basis of that.

    If the cooler is full of dust it's an easy fix.

    If his case temp is higher than 38.C because of poor ventilation he needs more fans, a bigger more expensive cooler would only make a marginal difference.

    If he hasn't got EIST enabled it will run at higher temp anyway.

    Do the basic things first.

    :lol: :lol:

    P4 640 @ 3.2GHz 35.5C idle
    6600 GT AGP
    Antec Sonata Case
  20. Quote:
    Was that with the case cover on or off?

    That was with the case closed. I didn't build the computer, it's a Sony Vaio, and I just put in a new video card, MSI 6600 GT. There is no buildup of dust, it's a brand new computer.

    I was just wanting to know if I need to do anything drastic about the temperature, or if I can just live with it for now.

    Thanks for all the replies.
  21. OK Happy Computing. :D
  22. Thanks, but I really don't want to get into all of the technical parts of putting in a new cooling system just yet. I'm trying to learn a few things about computers, but I don't want to test my skills on modifying a brand new Sony Vaio, since I really don't have any skills other than upgrading memory and putting in a PCI-e video card. I'd hate to screw something up.
  23. Had a look at the system. Looks nice.

    Just remember the core temp of a 6600GT added is approx 52C idle and between 60 to 70C load.

    Check the amount of fans you have in the case because the temp you are experiencing at idle is close to the temp (66.6C) load where a 640 processor slows down to cool itself (throttle).

    If the air in the case dose not escape sufficiently (flow) it will build up and increase the temp of the processor causing it to throttle.

    Have a look if there is any additional case fan mounts. Its easy to add if there are. One in the rear of case and one at the front to pull air in as well.

    Just keep this in mind for the future if the temps increase.

    Happy computing.
  24. Thanks, lost. It's like a vicious cycle: first I want to upgrade the video card, but I'm worried about my 305W power supply supporting it, then I have to worry about the temperatures of all of these things added together. Then there's the possibility that I might need to put more fans in to control the heat, which ties into how much power I have coming out of my PSU.

    I wish I had researched more and built for myself for $500 what Sony built for $800. Oh, well.

    Thanks again for your help.
  25. At 305W it looks a little bit underpowered. I think the recommended is 350W.

    A fan will not draw to much out of the psu.

    Something like this depending on what mounting size you have.




    Bye :D
  26. Yes, 350 is the recommended power, although I thought it was 300 when I ordered it.

    I've used the PSU calculator and all of my hardware adds up to only 266W at 100%. I haven't had any problems with it yet, so maybe I'll try adding a fan if I can figure out a good place to put it (no extra mounts in my Vaio case).

    Thanks again for your help.
  27. Actually, that idle temp IMO is high. Under load, it probably goes up to thermal limits. I would check and make sure the cooler is mounted correctly and/or change the cooler.
  28. I think he has increased his case temp by changing from the intergrated graphics on board to the 6600GT graphics card.
  29. If I may, P4's have always been hot runnin. Dump the stock cooler and get one thats copper. Thermaltake makes some good ones. Allow me to pass on an interesting recent experaince.
    Just got Quake 4 and loaded it on my comp. After about 30 min of play the CPU overheat alarm starts going off. Reboot and check the temp in BIOS and its 94 C! Whoa! What happened! Pooped the top off and the fans turning and the heat sink itself doesn't feel that hot. Shut down and took it apart, cleaned the cpu, new paste, artic silver, blew the dust out, wasn't much. Put it back together and boot up. Overheat alarm during POST. Scratch head. :roll: Ok, lets see what fries! Played Q4 for hours. Flawless. No smoke, no smell. Hmm..
    A couple of days later I got thinking and just on a whim I checked the voltage on the MB connector with my meter. The 5v was only 3.7v! and the 12v was at 9.5v. How was this machine even running. :? Replaced generic 350 W with an Antec TrueBlue 550 W. Bios now says temp in low 40's C, no more alarms.

    I need to correct myself, its the Antec TruBlue 480W, not the 550W. Pardons.

    My machine
    Gigabyte MB GA-7N-400-L
    1G Kingstone RAM
    ATI 9800 Pro Video
    Themaltake Silent Boost CPU Cooler
  30. I'll never use a generic PSU in any of my systems I just don't trust them
  31. My 820D is a heater. even with the Zalman 9500 I'm idling at 47 C. Slightly overclocked on my intel mobo 4%.

    my voltages seem slightly high, probably the reason for the increase in temp.
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