Laptop Harddrive... for MAC..?

i'm not really good w/ mac laptop configuration... so... posting this;;

if i had a pc laptop; i would run mac w/ that but... nope... neways...
i got iBook G4 12".... which comes w/ TOSHIBA MK3025GAS HDD
i've used it for a year.... and i'm running out of HDD space...

i was looking at 80 harddrives... and most of them are 5400RPM
mine is 4200RPM...

i've read that there are about 30% performance diff.
between 4200 and 5400 rpm
and 10% between 7200 and 5400

then... what about heat and power consumption???
is it much hotter than lower speed ones? and eats up much battery?
can MAC be installed as Windows? popin CD and BAM!?

may companies say low power... but is that true ad?
which HDD takes least power?

i need this laptop to run as longer battery life as possible;
but w/ more space... cheap would be awesome too... about $100

any help i can get?
thanx in advance.
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  1. I just replaced my 5400 with a 7200rpm drive made by Hitachi 7K100 80 gig. I don't know where you got the 10% increase between the two, but your number are crossed. 10% is 4200 to 5200. Where 40+% going from 5400 to 7200. A 7200 is like going to WD 10000 Raptor drive in a desktop.

    I have not noticed any heat change. I would suspect the the battery life is reduced. As for as performace, un surpassed. Boots in 1/2 the time, all programs load noticably faster. All 2.5" drives are more expensive than their counter parts. Seagates have the best warranty (5yr), Hitachi has the best performace (80 gig $160) . As for battery life, It takes more to write than read. But if you are spending all of the time loading and moving cache files because you are low on ram. You are defeating the process. OS X need a minimum of 1gig to run cleanly. 4200 rpm drive are suppose to give you the best battery life, only if the rest of the hardware allow it. If you are spending 1/2 the time waiting fro somthing to happen, extended battery life is required. But if you are not waiting productivity goes up.

    Its a trade off, That you have to weight.
  2. just to give you a heads up

    if you do the work you self say good by to your warrenty ( that if you have apple care)

    either way its a good idea to have it done by a pro. i did mine my self and it was a pain. if you are insistant on doing it your self though. this site will help you out.

    they have guides on how to do it.
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