Witch is better?

Corsair DDRAM PC-3200 400MHz 1GB CL2,0 (2-3-3-6)
Kingston DDRAM PC-3200A 400MHz 1GB CL 2.0 (2-3-2-6-1) HyperX
If u know some better ones, post them here. (Only 1GB)
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  1. Kingston RAM is crap, all of it, pure crap.

    If you're looking for 1GB Modules, look to Corsair XMS, OCZ Gold or G.Skill Extreme, they're all great performers, cheap, and are reliable.

    Corsair XMS

    G.Skill Extreme

    OCZ Gold

    ~~Mad Mod Mike, pimpin' the world 1 rig at a time
  2. isn't that ecc RAM, cause i almost bought the same thing, until i learned what kingston's all about, crap.

    get ocz el platinum 2x512mb 2-2-2-5 RAM, unless price is an issue, that stuff is about 224cad.about180 usd i'm estamating based on exchange
  3. hmm i quite like the kingston ValueRAM range. I like the lifetime warranties and the great overclockability
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