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Thanks for reading/checking this posting out :D

I am looking for help in pin-pointing the best motherboard (standard or server) style that will give me the most options for testing PCI cards. My job requires me to test PCI cards (PCI-Express, PCI-X and standard PCI 32Bit/64Bit Host Adapters). Testing 32/64Bit cards in PCI-X slots would be OK because the PCI-X slots are backwards compatible.

The PCI-Express cards I mostly test are 1lane or 8lane cards but having a 16Lane slot would be great but none of the cards I test are graphic cards but I/O cards (Firewire, SATA, USB, Network) so the PCI-Express slot has to be one that allows these types of cards. I have seen some that say - Graphic Card Only and that is a bummer.

Anyway, any help is appreciated and I need a PCI-Express slot that allows I/O cards as well as Graphic Cards or not a graphic card PCI-E and only I/O cards as I will put a cheap graphic card on one of the other slots if needed to drive a standard monitor if the motherboard does not have a standard VGA on-board.

I found this ASUS motherboard so far but worried the the PCI-Express slot is for Graphics Only. Let me know your thoughts. (K8N-LR)

also SuperMicro has a boards but speed is not important just the flexibility to test PCI cards, so not looking for speed just a test bench solution:

Thanks for your help, input and suggestions.
All the Best
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  1. You will most likely be needing a server board with this combination of slots...

    Check out this Intel board for Xeons (you really only need one Zeon installed, of course); they might have boards for a single Zeon with the slots you need as well, which would of course be less expensive..

    (i will leave the searching Intel's website to you!) :-)

    It has integrated video, freeing your PCIe for strictly testing of I/O cards...
  2. Thanks for your input but I found a perfect one from SuperMicro - thanks for you time.
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