WD 8mb 10,000 raptor OR WD 16mb 7,200 caviar ????!????!!??!

I don't know what to get?!!!?

Which is faster:

WD Raptor (WD740GDRTL) with 8mb cache and 10,000 rpm ?


WD Caviar RE2 (1600YD) with 16mb cache and 7,200 rpm ?

I will be using a SATA 1.5Gb/sec connection to which ever one I buy.
I use windows XP and am an avid gamer, multimedia editor and web-surfer.

Using a Asus P4C800 mobo... which IS capable of SATA RAID, but I am not financially in the position to buy 2 of these HD's to run it all in RAID 0.

I am aware of both the price difference and the data storage capacity differences between the drives.

Just really want to know, does one who has little $$ and can't afford the 16mb cache 10,000 rpm drives choose RPM or choose cache size. ? ? ?!!?

Thank you all sooo much~!
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  1. 10000rpm is way better than the extra 8mb cache
  2. RAPTOR, sooo much better than a regualr 7200 RPM drive, deffinatly the raptor, plus theyre ment for gaming. I have a 300 Gb Maxtor SATA drive and it works fine but if i had the money i would get the raptor.
  3. yes, get the I saw a huge performance increase by getting a raptor. Even though the other one is 16mb cache the raptor is a very nice drive.
  4. guys, thank you so much for the advice. i appreciate it alot.
  5. I'm very impressed, you have attained -1 posts :lol:

    Get the Raptor.
  6. Raptor for gaming

    Get a large WD drive with 16MB cache if ur going to be ripping and editing movies a lot...in addition to the raptor.
  7. The Raptor is the fastest Sata drive you can buy, but also only available up to 150gigs and they are expensive. All that being said, if you want the best performance get the Raptor, I just got a great deal on a 74gig raptor from a friend and I love it , everything loads so much faster!!
  8. I'm after a new HDD and was going to go for:

    Western Digital WD2500KS Caviar SE 250GB 7200RPM SATA2/300 16MB Cache - OEM £67.66

    but after reading this post I'm now leaning towards:

    Western Digital WD740GD 74GB "Raptor" 10,000RPM SATA/150 8MB Cache - OEM £113.89 (specs pasted from ebuyer)

    I hate loading times but is the raptor really worth all that extra money, the caviar seems like great value. I checked out the link to its review but it kind of baffled me a bit. Are loading times going to be 'just a bit quicker' or is it really that extraordinary and more than twice as fast???
  9. Im not sure its twice as fast, but the Raptor is significantly faster than regular 7200rpm drives that I have used. It really comes down to if a second or two here and there is worth paying double the money. Its not a good bang-for-the-buck kind of upgrade look at a faster cpu or more ram if you want that, get the Raptor if you need the absolute best performance. Im wondering if any other companies will come out with a 10k rpm drive any time soon?? Just curious what does the rest of your system consist of??
  10. That's pretty much it. My rig is only about 3-4 weeks old, and I'll be adding to it as time goes by. Some of it consists of crummy old parts from my PCI Pentium 3 (no agp), so at the moment it has:

    Samsung 20GB HDD - not sure of the specs and don't know where to look to find out without removing it, doesn't tell me in device manager.

    Plextor BURN proof CD writer (cost £184!! when I got it)

    JVC Lite-on DVD drive

    Floppy drive

    and that's about it. I'm building up an order (which may change after a little research here and there) for:

    150MB 16MB buffer Raptor HDD (just realised this is now available)

    Viewsonic VX922 2ms LCD monitor

    Sony DWG-120AB2 16x16x8x DVDRW/RAM drive - oem Black

    Logitech OEM Ultra X Cordless Desktop keyboard & mouse

    and a couple of case fans inc filter.

    Possible additions;

    Audigy 2 or 4 sound card

    Surround speakers

    Memory card reader

    hope that answers your question!
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