can you partition hdd without losing data?

I would like to partition my 300g seagat 7200 rpm hdd.I already have it loaded with the things I like but I understand it is better to partition.I tried but saw a message that indicated my entire hdd would be erased if I continued. PLEASE HELP . THANKS!
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  1. I don't know but... here's an alternative.

    Even though it's a Seagate, you should still back up your stuff because apparently you have a lot of it. If you back everything up, preferably with an external hard drive, then you can just transfer it all back after you partition.
  2. FIPS
    non destructive partitioning :)
    hope this helps
  3. I believe you would need a program like Partition Magic in order to do this. I don't think any of the tools that come with Windows allow you to change partitions without losing data.
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