Zalman VF700-CU or AC NV Silencer for ASUS Extreme N7800GT?

Hi ALL! :)
Please give me advice, what it is better for cooling my ASUS Extreme N7800GT, Zalman VF700-CU or Arctic Cooling NV Silencer and how to remove standard cooling system from my graphic card without any damage?

Thanks! :wink:
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  1. just remove whatever retention mechanism it uses...screws, pins, whatever... and pull (not too hard)

    vf700 if you have room in your case, otherwise the silencer works fine (but not AS good)
  2. I started my own thread maybe an hour ago, in which I said I removed the heatsink from a Radeon 9500 Pro with dental floss. It was on there good, too. A few strands of floss was enough to cut through. I'm no fan of yanking, twisting, prying or freezing something that the manufacturer is obviously intent on keeping stuck together.

    I used waxed floss because that's what I had around. I don't know if that makes the job easier or the floss tougher to break.
  3. Hm...
    I love Zalman, but the Arctic Cooler has a slightly superior product. However-because the Zalman is so open with its heatsinks and fins, opt for the Zalman and a 120mm fan in the PCI slot to blow air all over it.
    If you haven't got that kind of room, the Arctic Cooler will be more than enough.
    It's more preference than anything; and if it's style you are after, get a cool Blue-LED VF-700CU. The temps are moderately low on my 6800GT, which is a notoriously hot card.
  4. I believe the Zalman is better if it will fit :D
  5. oh yes. the zalman will keep the temps lower, but as was already said, sometimes, you just cant find enough room, or certain people get freaked out over a heavy vga cooler on an expensive vid card, or you just cant circulate the hot air out fast enough.
  6. Indeed, well put :D
  7. I think the Thermalright V1-Ultra is a decent contender, but make sure it fits, no room for SLi. I think its results are better if not similar to those listed here.

  8. Hmm interesting :-)
  9. If I'm more worried about noise, which of those two should I get?

    What about the Accelero X1?
  10. I believe the Zalman is relatively very quiet because it doesn't spin as fast.
  11. NV Silencer is quiet, and it will blow the hot air out the back of your case.
  12. Quote:

    Sweet, looks like what I've been seeing. The Silencer works about as well, but is quieter. The Accelero got a good review from them as well. That may be the way to go with quiet cooling. I'm not too worried about venting inside the case as the case I have runs fairly cool, and I can still put in a second case fan.
  13. I just put a VF700-Cu on my Leadtek 6600GT AGP last night, and I love the thing. Temps are ~5C cooler across the board with the fan on 5V and the card overclocked to 575/1000. Idle temp is 44C and load is not quite known as I haven't played with it much. Also used AS5 on the GPU.

    I have it in an Antec P180 with the thicker 120x38mm fans in both the front and back holes. I blocked the top blowhole. Had to ditch the VGA cooler duct but good, just more noise to get rid of. At 5V the Zalman is simply dead quiet.

    Only one potential issue. After tightning the thing down I am still able to 'twist' the cooler just a tiny bit around the fan axis. I am guessing it is the slack between the tension bar and the channel it sits in. Anyone else seen this? I don't really know if this will be a problem or not...
  14. Well you can twist the CNPS 9500 cpu cooler a little bit after the retention bar thing is bolted down. Infact I think they say in the AS5 instructions to twist the heatsink 5 degrees each way if you can after it is fixed down to help prevent airbubbles or something, so it should be fine.
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