CPU Temp?

Asus PC probe indicate that my CPU temp is 36 C. Yet, if I reboot and immediately check the CPU temp in the motherboard's BIOS, it is 46 C. Any ideas why? More importantly, which one is correct?
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Thank you all.
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  1. I remember somewhere... That some software apps in windows would get a wrong reading, and you may have to adjust the software. For the probe not sure how or if you can.

    I have Asus, but mine seems to say the same thing as the bios.

    I would go with what the Bios says.

    Guess you could try:


    Free App for monitoring.
  2. OK Thanks, I installed MM5.
    MM5 indicates that the CPU socket is at 36 degree and that the CPU diode measures 51 degree. I guess PCProbe does not monitor the actual CPU temp but only the CPU socket and labels it CPU. This is misleading.

    Thanks again.
  3. Been awhile since I've seen the Asus site.. My P4PE is turning into a dinasor.. :cry:

    Glad the MM5 help you out.

    Strange.. though, how your Probe is reporting that.

    When I bring up my Probe, it does show the MB and CPU temps.

    My MB temp now is 29C and CPU is 42C atm.

    Almost looks like your MB temp is 36, and CPU 51C.

    But Anyhoo.. glad MM5 works out for ya.
  4. The Asus PC Probe aplication only measures the CPU socket temp and the motherboard temp. Not the true CPU temp as measured by the CPU diode

    The ASUS faq explains the diference between the CPU socket temps readings in Windows and BIOS.

    It is normal. When WIndows is idle, OS will put the CPU into the low-power states(C1,C2 or C3 state) .But in BIOS setup , the CPU cannot support these states. So the CPU temerature detected in BIOS H/W Monitor will be several Celsius Degrees higher than in Windows.

    MM5 tels me the CPU socket temp (in my case 36 in windows and 46 in BIOS) AND the true CPU temp of 51 as measured by the CPU diode.
    Good to know there is a difference.
  5. Well, I wouldn't say true temp.. is 51 vs 46 in bios.

    Thing is.. your CPU isn't doing much when your in the bios, that would explain the 46C. So it may run cooler, but in some cases I've seen it run cooler in windows then in the bios for my Northwood Core.

    If you have background programs running, more then likely, your CPU use will be higher, so the temp goes up.

    If it is not being used much, it should drop back down to 46C. If you can get more air flow through that case, and drop that 36C further down, you should be able to get to 40C or lower, with that AMD.
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