Need Help choosing MOBO

Guys, this is my first post and I need some help choosing a new replacement MOBO.

My current system:
MOBO - gigabyte GA-K8N51GMF-9
XFX 7800GT
1Gig 2*512 Corsair XMS Pro
AMD64 3500 +
HDD 160 & 120 Seagate SATA
Samsung 16x DVDRW TS-H552U

My current mobo was a replacement for my socket A board that died and moving away from AGP made me decide on this mobo. It has integrated graphics and is only 3 months old; I just received my 7800 GT.

My question is this. Would it be worth it getting a better MOBO than this without any overclocking in mind, would there be a big enough performance gain to justify this?

My second question obviously, with overclocking in mind what could I gain?

I have read some reviews and this board is apparently not good overclocker.

I doubt it if I will ever run SLI or crossfire and would prefer to stick to the NVDIA chipsets, but any suggestions is welcome.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.
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  1. If I wait for AM2 wouldn’t I then also need to replace both my CPU and Memory?

    Thanks for the response, which one of those boards would you recommend, the Asus, Abit or DFI
  2. Thanks once again, how much of a gain could I expect if I go for the DFI or Asus?
  3. If your current mainboard already has a PCI-e slot, I'd enter the BIOS, disable the onboard video, and slap the 7800 in....then enjoy!

    (In gaming at decent resolutions, the video card is nearly always the bottleneck anyway, and a 3500+ does just fine in all games...even when I did OC mine to 2.5G, there was no real noticeable boost in average framerates)
  4. That is exactly what I did, my question still stands, would it be worth it changing the MOBO only at this stage?

    What is the difference in performance between the NVIDIA MC51 and Nforce 4 Ultra chipset without OC’ing, because my current mobo is not OC’ing friendly.
  5. I have an Abit AN8-SLi and it is great, it offers so many overclocking abilities and works like a charm. I am about to build a computer for one of my friends and i am going to get him the exact same kind i hae cus they are soo good, you can overclock like a mofo even on stock cooling. 8) Overclocking Face (straining for the most) :x
  6. Guys,

    Thanks for the help so far but I still don’t have a clear answer. How much of a performance gain could I expect by changing my MOBO? Will it be worth the effort?

    As for AM2, what I understood there will not be a increase in performance from 939 to AM2.
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