Oddest Networking Problem, please help?

ive been dealing w/ this problem for some time now and just finally had it. For some reason ever other time i turn on my computer my network card is use-able. The first boot is fine and all i need to do to get internet is the disable and enable the ethernet card. But when i reboot the card changes name and when i go to disable and enable the card says it has malfunctioned. This is odd cause it toggles my network card. I only have one card and i have reformatted many times and this still is happening. How can i get rid of this. It never did this when i first built the computer.
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  1. have you tried different PCI slots?

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  2. nic is probly faulty.

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  3. If you have had this card in a different slot, or another NIC on the machine prior to this one, you might have a hidden device causing you problems. Go to add/remove hardware and select uninstall hardware, on the next screen check the box for hidden devices. If you have more than one NIC on the list, delete all but the one with the highest number. It's far fetched, but I have seen this problem before and it is worth checking...

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  4. Dev's got a good idea, and probably got it, and it's not far fetched...
    Basicly get into Device Manager and insure the device has not been installed twice. NIC's can easitly do exactly what you describe if installed twice...
    By delete, Dev means "Uninstall", all except the one that ya really want...
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