Intel or AMD?

I'm looking to buy a new computer and decided to start with choosing the cpu. However, I dont know which is the better or most powerful compared to the prices of the ones listed below.

AMD Athlon64 Venice 90nm 3500+ 2.2GHz 512kb
Intel Pentium 4 650 Prescott 3.4GHz EM64T Hyperthreading 2Mb 800MHz

The Intel costs only about 70euro more but which gives the best gaming performance in battle field 2?

Thanks for taking the time 8)
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  1. Go with the 3500+ it utilize memory better with it's internal memory controller.
  2. Amd or Intel, it makes no big difference. It's all about the graphics card when playing something like Battlefield 2.
  3. i Agree With Era , it all about Graphic Card When you Play Games , Just Make Sure you buy a P4 with HT and more than 2400 or AMD 64 !!
  4. I have a prescott core and it does a great job of playing games. Me personally, I would go for the Intel. The HT has alot of advantages for everything else you would need to do besides gaming.
  5. get the 3500 it runs at 67w while the intel runs at 85w or 100 somethin(i forgot which one)
  6. If you are going for games take the AMD, it's cheaper.
  7. Get the 650.
  8. i have a P4 630 and it handles all the games i play great!!! (HL2, Source, Q4)

    the two will prob be about the same as far as performance in games, but the 650 will really shine when your working with other programs and doing light multi tasking! Hyper Threading is a HUGE plus. And be sure to go with A64 or EM64T.
  9. ycon are you insane the 3500 will slaughter it and the 3500 takes half as much electricity than the 650 and on stock hsf the 3500 runs 10c cooler!
  10. AMD definitely. but i would spring for a dual core. the x2 3800 is only around $100 US more and the 4200 is around +$160.
    wasnt there a patch for bf2 for dual core? or was it buggy? either way when it works, the dual core should be the better performer.
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