Beware this forum is evil..... :)

After only a brief time on this forum, researching and gathering info on my new system. I started out looking to get a 64x2 3800 then started to see the possible benefits to get a Opteron 165 instead but I couldn't quite convince myself that the Opteron was faster in oem mode or much faster in overclock. The reason being I can't get my head around the fact that the Opteron is 200mhz slower.

So know what am I thinking, yep I'm going to see how much an Opteron 170 is at the moment its $115.00AUD more. Now I'm comparing apples with apples right? both the 64x2 and 170 are 2ghz chips and overclocking would make the Opteron a faster chip and run cooler at the same time.

Second evil discovery is ram, initially I was just going to get 1x 1gb but since researching I've discovered that to get any real benefit I should populate both ranks inorder to use duel channel. So know I'm looking at getting another stick of 1gb.

I am a little unsure still on whether I can just get by with 1 stick of ram first then get another down the track. Oviously with only one stick it wont be duel channel but that wont bother me too much for now. What I really want to know, is ram made to be single or duel, or is it a function of the motherboard once you have 2 ranks populated it automatically operates in duel channel mode?

So see what you guys have done, you've made spend more money, lol. This along with other forums is a great resource but beware to all the newbies, you will get biten by the "cool rig clubbers" :wink:

Thanks to all the imputs to my newbie questions so far.
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  1. on the dual channel question, it is a function of the board but you have to buy 2 identical ram modules.
  2. not true... you can operate on one stick until you get another... go with 1GB until you can afford another for a better 2GB. 8)
  3. OPy is a better chip and runs cooler... as said 200mhz is nada.....
    I had a 4400 X2 and noticed a nice power jump moving up to FX60
    the 60 is clocked @ 2.6 rather than 2.8 like the FX 57 but out performs the 57 in everything.... good info guys 8)
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