ASUS A8N-E supports win98 and VISTA ?

ASUS A8N-E supports win98 and VISTA ?

Does ASUS A8N-E supports win98?
there is no answer abt this question on Asus website.

MSI website simple saya that none of their nForce 4 ultra or SLI based board supports win98.

On MSI Site
NOTE: NVIDIA nForce 3/4 Series DO NOT
support Windows® 98/ME
K8N Neo4 Platinum
Notice: Because of the limitations of
chipset, this MB does not support

my question is,
1- wather this limitation is really with the chipset and no board from any vendor based on nforce 4 chipset supports win98 or it is with only MSI boards?

2- Do ASUS A8N-E supports win98?

3- will board based on nforce 4 Ultra will be able to support Windows VISTA?

Well this is a kind of odd, since windows don't directly communicate with hardware , ther are APIs to do the job, then how caome a board simply CAN'T talk to win98/win ???

please help me .

Assalam o Alikum
Wasay Khan
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  1. I wouldnt of thought it would directly be a hardware issue, its probably a driver issue, windows 98 is 8 plus years old now, and in computer years thats a long time.

    Microsoft stopped supporting windows 98 back in 2002 or 3 i think, so its not suprising that hardware vendors will stop supporting an operating system that very few people use, in terms of vista, vista will support your board when the drivers catch up, if infact they havent already.

    I dont know for a fact but i wouldnt be suprised if windows 98 doesnt support your board.

    Vista will certainly support NF4 boards.

    Its not a case of the board talking to windows, its a case of windows talking to the board, windows will undoubtable have some interaction with all hardware installed. Drivers enable the hardware/software interfacing, and its probably just a case that there are no drivers that support your board under windows 98.
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