Upgrading from an AMD FX53 please help

Hi I want to upgrade my current CPU (FX53 @ 2.4Ghz, 1meg cashe).
The thing is I don’t know what CPU to buy. I am looking at either the 4400+ or the 4800+.

My current system

Asus A8N SLI Premium
1gig Kingston hyperX memory 2x 512 (getting 2x 1gig same brand soon)
4x 74gig western digital Raptor HDD’s
1x 160 Sata Seagate HDD
2x 160 Seagate HDD’s on USB 2.0 in external SATA housing
Xfx 7800GT (getting the 2nd one in 2 days time)
Apoen 700watt 4x quad 12volt rails
Sony DVD writer

Would the 4400+ be faster than my current CPU?? I really do not want to spend a lot of cash on a CPU right now. :D
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  1. get an opty it 175 180 it will run cooler and takes less power then the x2 or you could get an opty 165 and oc it to those speeds and save alot of money :D
  2. I'll vouch for that. The opty 165 is a nice choice.
  3. thank you and luminaris did you oc that opty you got yet?
  4. I'm also going to have to give the 165 opty another vote, spend the extra money on water cooling or something extravagent and try to hit 2.8ghz :D
  5. Yeah, I got it up to 2.2 so far. Solid as a rock man. The Corsair RAM is giving me a bit of a fit though. I just got some new Crucial Ballistix sticks installed in it so, hopefully they won't give me fits. Gotta love the opty man. Its sweet!

  6. holy crap dude i cant wait for those results how much you think you can get it up to with the new ram atleast 2.8 right :D
  7. on this board? hell yeah! My goal is to reach 2.7 on air so, at least i'll be right up there in fx60 land ...
  8. ok dude how about on water do you think you can get to 3.0?
  9. Yeah, i'm sure I can. Right now even though I only have it mildly OC'd, its running very cool. Hard to tell how far I can push it on air.
  10. Definitally get the Opteron 165. You can overclock that thing to 2.5 GHz with stock voltage and cooling.
  11. i heard with cabye stepping 3.0 on air but with cabne it goes down to 2.7 which stepping does yours have?
  12. why are you even upgrading thaT, is it just to get dual core, cause as it is that system should be pretty damn good, except for the RAM caus ekingston sucks
  13. unless your games are slowing down on you already from backround apps you arent going to notice a difference any way you go. FX53 is still only 2 speed grades down from top of the line.
  14. why cant FX-53'sbe cheap?

    they are still selling for like 500 dollars thats crazy
  15. Aren't they the same as a64 4000+, except they have the fx name. Unless they have more features but i doubt it. Yeah pretty much as a rule, the gpu will always bottleneck the cpu, unless you have a crap ass bottom of the line cpu.
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