is the CPU overclocking Worth it ??...

OK , I Dont Like to OverClock My CPU , But if it gain me extra frame rates ( at least 10 or more ) i`m planning to overclock it at least to 2 or 2.2 , but is it really worth it ??... :?:
i have a really good cpu cooler and my cpu temp is not beyond 40 , so i think i can go for 2 or 2.2 !!
( and i`m just playing game like FEAR and QUAKE 4 at high resolution with Anti aliasing )
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  1. you might be better off oc'ing the vpu. cpu over clocking in games does little if anything to improve fram rates. one thing to remember over clocking the vpu you must watch the heat as it has less ability to rid its self of the heat, and could cause damage.

    i over clock my vpu for bf2 324@351 about 10% and memory from 317@324 its a old 9700pro and i should just get a better card but it works. if i burn it out well then i can get something better. i notice the oc of the vpu helping.

    ocing of the CPU well i always have but this old nORTHY 2.4 can run at 3.12 with no trouble or heat so i do. but if i set it at stock games dont change, nothing better is seen. 2.4ghz is more than enough for any game so running it at 3.12 or higher only makes it work harder and hotter.
  2. Thanks Champ , Fr Your Advise , But I dont want to OC my VPU because its new and i dont want to burn it :twisted: So thank u , i wont overclock my cpu !!
  3. well all i know is that in somegames you actually need alot of CPU such as CS:SOURCE , i have an Atholon 1700+ and a Mx44128mb and place source
    on 40-60fps and that isnt on max but for a shit card its still ok , but when i put my 6600 its goes slower, even on the lowest graphics. games such as HL2 are weird and only need great cpu's and not gpu's (even though it wouldnt hurt to have something like a gf6600)so OC if you want to BUT if only your playing on like 30fps MAX you know
  4. Melarcky the reasion you are getting lower frames with the 6600 is because that cards supports DX9 and the MX is only DX 8.1 I think. This makes CS run DX8.1 on the MX machine.. hence lower quality graphics but higher frames and vice versa with the 6600... And yes Half-Life is very CPU bound.
  5. yes i know and the crappy Mx440 only has Dx7 hahaha.
  6. Then that explains why you would get higher framerates with that card as it is forced to use a lesser rendering path so it doesnt need the same horsepower to reder objects.
  7. Depends on the game. Games like FEAR (I have it... runs like a dream on my X1900XT) and Quake 4 are more GPU intensive, whilst Half-Life 2 is CPU limited, so OCing your CPU will improve performance quite a bit in HL2, but won't do as much for the other two. OCing the gfx card will yield the biggest gains overall, since an extra 25mhz on both my GPU core speed and memory added an extra 100 points on my 3DMark2006 score, which translates to more fps in games like Oblivion....
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