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I am trying to figure out the difference between Windows XP Mode, and Virtual PC. I have Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit, and I had intended to use virtual PC to run some of my older programs that weren't designed yet for win 7. Now, I am totally confused because I went on the Microsoft website and it said that you need virtual PC to run XP Mode. What is XP Mode, and what is the difference between it and Virtual PC??
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  1. Basically it is Virtual PC with an licensed copy of Win XP SP3 built in. It also integrates Win XP into the graphical environment more than a regular virtualization software does.
  2. Ok. Also, I am a bit confused on when your supposed to allot your xp mode with RAM. Can I feel free to give it my full 4GB's of RAM? What is confusing me, is when it uses this RAM. At the point when I am no longer on xp mode, and back to my normal Windows 7, will the XP Mode Virtual PC still be using the RAM I assigned it? I suppose the main question I have is, keeping in mind that I have 4GB's of RAM, how much can I give to my Virtual PC, and will I loose performance in my normal Windows 7.
    Also, do I need to install virtual PC before I install XP Mode, or can I just install XP Mode by itself?
  3. MS recommends 8GB of RAM to run Windows XP mode.
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