Pioneer DVR-610 - No Sound from DVD Movies

I just installed this drive and updated the firmware. It will play audio CD's just fine but for some reason theres no sound whatsoever during a DVD movie playback. I've checked the volume settings in windows and in the several different players I've tried and they're all at full. Any ideas on what the problem is?
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  1. Is the audio on your speakers on? :wink:
  2. Quote:
    Is the audio on your speakers on? :wink:

    Yes. :P

    I know it sounds crazy but thats why I'm here. I've checked the volume, speakers, firmware, audio cables (if it plays a CD then they're connected properly) and 3 different DVD player programs. Windows Media Player wouldnt play it because it didnt have a codec and the other two programs play the video but not the sound. I cant figure out why.
  3. Have you tried other DVD's?

    Also, is this a homemade or did you buy it?
  4. I've tried other DVD's and they're all bought. Not homemade.
  5. I'm sorry but the only solution is a new drive :(
  6. Dam. Thanks.
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