motherboard shot dead, Hp Pavilion A420N

my friend has a HP Pavilion A420N computer. his computer died. it was working once second then went into sleep mode and wouldnt turn on. he restarted and no shows up. it the fans turn on and sjunk. i think it might be a bios. is there away to force it to boot to flash its bios. like jumpers and stuff. dont know how to fix.
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  1. Could be any number of things, either way unless he has a good friend with some extra testing hardware laying around it will cost him.

    Easiest and probably most expensive thing (if its not under warrenty) is to send it to HP and let them fix it.

    If you have another motherboard, CPU, and RAM you can use to swap in with the ones he has now you can elminate them one by one. If his CPU, RAM, and MOBO are all good... something like his 120mm case fan not working may cause the system not to allow boot. Something could be loose.... It could be alot of things.
  2. no 120mm fan. wasnt the memory. i tried 6 different sticks. and his cpu works great in back up pc. i just dont feel like giving up my mobo to get his comp working again. any other possible way
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