Lazy man's backup or Wishing for a (nearly) perfect harddisk

How hard would it be to build a PC system with redundant harddisk drives where they functioned as follows:

Each disk write would write to 2 or 3 different active physical drives.
Each disk read would read from the next active physical drive, as in a round-robin fashion.
Each active drive could have a failing or restoring attribute.
A failing drive can be removed and replaced with a new drive and change its attribute to restoring. The new drive should be at least as large as the smallest active drive.
When the new drive has been restored by a low priority background process, then the restoring attribute can be removed, and this drive can then be included in the available drives that can be read.

If you used 2 active disk drives, and a failed drive could be restored before the next drive failed, then your storage system would never be unavailable due to a hard disk drive failure. More active drives insure more protection.

Is this a reasonable proposal?
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  1. You need some RAID 5.

    RAID 5

    Most of what you described is encompassed by RAID 5 except for the round robin, there is no such method.
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