Anyone have experience with cyberpowerpc/ibuypower?

my friend wanted a new computer and we don't exactly wanna go through trouble of building one, so thought it'd be good idea to buy from somewhere that's built for u. u guys think cyberpowerpc/ibuypower is the best place for this? thx
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  1. If you hear anything, lemme know. I'm trying to be on the lookout myself for a quality, trustable system manufacturer (Dell, Gateway, etc. don't fit the bill for this!) .... I have a pathetic sob story that amounts to I used to be a good assembler in the 1 GHz systems and before, but am giving up completly now after multiple failures to put a stable system together that won't crash playing games made in the last 6 years on me. :/
  2. BOught My GF a PC from IBP and all in all I was not impressed. It works ok, and they got it here on time, but the whole rig has a really cheap feel to it. I would look at one of the other companies...unfortunately I am now buying from Top end companies so don't have any real advice for value priced machines.
  3. I am researching them now, will report back.

    here's the 2nd hand experience I have had.

    Friend was starting a intensive....bought a $3500 system from CyberPower.

    Took forever to process. When computer came....

    -had to install back serial plates.
    -case fan bay in side panel was not installed and incomplete.
    -Fan controller was not hooked up.

    - and the real would not boot up.
    - after trying to get it figured out (approx 2 hours), still would not boot.

    ** Sent back the PC (to the lousy support..... sales/tech actually laughed at him because he said that he was going to contact the BBB and whatnot)

    i advise not going with them.
  5. Agreed, resellerates sealed the deal for me ABS looks good
  6. I would visit and call up there sales team. I have 2 of there systems a furia with a Athlon 5000 and a Axis (2 ) with core duo. What I liked was the fact you can pick and choose every item from the board to the brand of memory.
    and there sales guys speak English.
    If not I would I would check out alien ware.
    Also make sure you get a system that supports Microsoft vista.
  7. The only thing that I can tell you is the customer support for cyberpower pc in the UK is awful. It is now nearly 2 months and I still have not managed to get my machine repaired under warranty. Mainly no sign of when they will be able to fix it.
    Try to stay away from them as much as you can
  8. just build your own PC guys.. even if it costs more.... this company just causes headaches... they installed a 600 watt power supply in a computer that needed well over 700... and I asked for a 750. But to save money they will do anything to save money, which means screwing the customer.
  9. Just build your own. That is pretty much all they do anyway.
  10. I can confirm the comment about poor customer support by Cyberpower in the UK.

    It is when your PC goes wrong that you discover what kind of company you are dealing with.

    And your Cyberpower PC WILL go wrong because they're pushing the components to get performance out of them.

    If you are unlucky enough to buy one Cyberpower PC I think it is very unlikely you will buy a second.
  11. I'd agree with the others on this -- Just build your own - that way you know exactly who manufactured the parts and know that the entire system is not messed up by one cheap part used to save a buck or two --- Also any pre-built system that is sent to you is going to need to be disassembled and reassembled anyway to ensure that everything is properly seated and nothing came loose in shipping or you'll probably have intermittent stability issues since things tend to move during shipping - so you'll spend the same or more time looking at the assembly than what it would take to assemble yourself in the first place (plus opening the prebuilt system to do this will require opening the case which they will then try to say voids your warranty.)

    So do yourself a favor and do the assembly yourself or find a local shop that will assemble it for you with the parts your order !
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