SCSI hard drives

ok im concidering getting a pair of 40 gig 10000 RPM scsi drives (80 pin drive connection)

first off i need to get a 80-68 pin converter so i can use the drives

then i need to get a SCSI controller card - im thinking "Adaptec AHA-2940UW"

prolly a stupid question but ill ask anyway - my mobo Biostar 6100-M7 supports NVidia Raid for both SATA and IDE - does this also encompass SCSI raid or is scsi raid inclusive to the card only...

AND i was concidering using the software raid that comes with W2K

anyone with any "real/practical" experience using these types of drives with the converters and or anyone with experience using W2K software RAID have a heads up for me?

comments would be greatly apreciated, thanks in advanced
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  1. Ok, dont bother with the old SCSI, Get at least Ultra 160 and the new fluid dynamic bearings on the 15k SCSI U160 and U320 are very quiet. A good Adaptec controller can be had for about 100 bucks for a U160, and 160 bucks for a U320 on ebay. If you are going to use SCSI, a raid setup is far faster too, but SCSI raid controllers are priced very high. Even a used one is going to cost you a few hundred. It is far far superior to the sata and ide controller on the mb, and no, they have nothing to do with each other. Try to purchase a 68 pin drive and buy the best cable you can, it is very important to have a U160 or U320 cable when you are running those drives. The old Ultra 2 is about as fast as the fastest sata drive, and if you go with a U320, running at 15K rpm's, it is smoking fast. they are about 2.9 ms with outstanding internal and external transfer. Big bucks though. If you dont have the money, just use the sata raid, it is ok, and about 25% of the cost.
  2. ummm...

    Back to my original questions please......
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