new Celeron & P4M800 rig freezes frequently

I just built a new PVR rig to replace my P3-800 (which seemed to suffer a MB failure brought on by a HD failure. No boot at all.)

Basically right now it is stable except for when I try to transfer 700mb+ files over the network, it invariably freezes with no error screen. CPU temp at freeze is around 45, not enough to be the problem to my knowledge.

Here's the hardware:
Mach Speed Matrix P4M800 Via Socket 478 MicroATX Motherboard
Celeron D 340 2.93GHz Processor
Kingston 512mb PC3200
ATI All-in-Wonder 7500
Hauppauge PVR250
D-link G520 PCI wifi
Fortron 350 PSU
Zalman cnp6500 adapted to the socket 478

Running XPSP2 and Snapstream BTV 3.74

This is my 4th scratch build, but it's been a struggle. It would freeze up even in a Ghost DOS boot. Maybe some of the problem was heat, as I was running the fans low and I used some really old heat sink grease that didn't thin out enough. Now I've changed the grease and ducted the 120mm psu fan around the zalman with the 80mm zalman fan at 5v blowing horizontally through it. It will hit 50 deg or so in playback mode. It was left on for the last week when I was away, and it functioned as a PVR perfectly recording as set. But if I try to move content it freezes.

To keep down the variables I have not installed Catalyst or the Via 4in1 drivers. This box is purely for PVR and kiddie games, no real gaming.

Any help would be appreciated. Could it be the cheapo MB? I've beaten my head against that wall before, mistaking hardware failures for software or pilot error.
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  1. It could be a couple of things.

    Check to make sure your memory timing are correct. Sometimes bios have problem reading Kingston chips properly. It could be a bad memory chip.

    Could be a power supply, voltages dipping to low.

    I use Prime95 tortue test to shake down problem. A lot of persons like memtest86, it has never worked for me.
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