GA-K8NF-9 and MAXTOR DiamondMax 10 S-ATA/150 Drive

I cannot get my new Gigabyte Motherboard to load Windows on the MAXTOR DiamondMax 10 SATA (250GB) drive.

When I try to load Windows, I get a Blue Screen on the final step which basically tells me something is wrong in the configuration.

I was trying to prove all the components and booted from the DiamondMax diagnostic CD. It boots to the Powermax 4.22 utilities. The drive passes all the installation checks EXCEPT for the partition info (last test). Non of the other tests work either.

I've got the RAID disabled in the CMOS as this is the only drive. I've seen some notes indicating there may be an incompatibility in this setup. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. This might not be much help, but I have a similar prob. I have a Western Digital 160GB SATA I HDD & Windows can't detect it. I'll keep you posted on anything I find about my prob.
  2. I have the same motherboard and have had numerous problems setting up windows with this. I happen to be using two SATA WD Raptors in raid 0, and in order for windows to install on them, you need the mass storage drivers for the sata and raid controllers. Since you are not installing on raid, you can probably get away without using the raid controller, but you may want to dig up a set of the SATA controller drivers and give those to XP when it asks for mass storage drivers in the beginning of the install process.

    Also, if you have any IDE HDD's installed, you way want to remove them for the duration of the install process (cd/dvd drives are OK). Sometimes XP gets confused when you mix and match on this motherboard. Once XP is installed, you can plug the other drives in and it should work fine.
  3. Mass storage drivers? Have any idea where I would get that for a WD1600JD?
  4. You don't need them for the hard drive, you need them for the SATA controller. You can get them at, under their support->motherboard->drivers page (if you have a Gigabyte motherboard).
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