Abit Fatal1ty AN8 SLI vs DFI LanParty UT NF4 Ultra-D

Which is better to go with my opty 165? It really needs to be good for ocing.

Thanx :D
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  1. bump :?:
  2. DFI is by far the better over clocker.
  3. :D Thanx :D
  4. NO question, DFI rules the OCing world. Speaking kinda as a fanboy, but everyone knows that DFI are great for OCing. However, there are many options and places you can go wrong, beware hehe.
  5. I thought that too before I was told on some other forums that the abit faal1ty is better.
  6. it is soo much better plus itll provide better cooling for your processor because of the OTES, plus it has the ABIT OC program that comes with the drivers and not only does it allow you to overclock, but you cn have multiple settings, 3 original, you set, and 3 factory set, plus you can turn on and off overclock just by clicking the mouse, no going into bios. It also has auto OC so you can set specific progams and when you open them itll automatically OC.I have the non fatatlity verson, just doesnt have OTES and it overclocks like a mofo. I originally was going to get this one but i didnt have the money at the time. Possibly the best mobo for overclocking barnone. O and heres the ABIT website.

  7. Personally, I would go with the Abit. Although DFI's can give massive CPU/Memory voltage, it doesn't go far considering the build quality and stability of the board even at stock speeds is pathetically bad. I have gone through 2 ultra-d's, and both have been nothing but a massive pain in my ass. One of the got the cold boot issue and wouldn't even turn on for apparently no reason whatsoever. The other was a piece of crap that would BSOD occasionally and have a now and then restart, but that wasn't why I RMAed that one. I put up with that crap for a few months, and then I finally had to RMA cuz the piece of shit suddenly refused to load 2 sticks of RAM without beeping! Keep in mind, I was using the absolue newest 7 series BIOS for dual cores and it still crapped out. So, even if you get 100 more mhz with DFI, is it really worth it?

    If you have to get that stupid DFI board that is likely to shit out on you somehow or another, make SURE you buy it off Newegg as their RMA policy owns.
    In fact, I'm still waiting for the 3rd board to arrive. I'm considering just ebay'ing the whole barebones set up CPU/RAM/MOBO and going with a Cedar Mill since I can't use my memory on any other motherboard and I'm really not sure DFI's are "luck" based on whether they work or not.

    So many strong opinions on both sides.

    Now I'm leaning towards the Abit, seeing as how it was recommended in a mobo review May last year, which also compared it to the DFI ultra d
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