help with new isp

I am sorry for asking this question here but i couldent find an isp forum
i am from the uk and i am looking for a 2 meg broadband package with unlimited usage and downloads. some offer free modems but i already have a router. do you know of any good isp's

2 meg is the max i can have where i live
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  1. Ha your so lucky i can only get 512 where i live :? . I am with tiscali they offer up to 1meg for 14.99 and 2 meg for 17.99 a month. Its also unlimited bandwidth and comes with free modem and free setup. nearly been with them a year and had no probs tiscali.

    I used this site a lot when i was looking for broadband ispreview

    p.s. looking forward to the snow :P week off work hopefully
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