3700+ Idle temp - 60*C

When I boot up first thing in the morning and go into bios it almost immediately reads around 40*C and rises steadily over the next minute or so to 57-62*C (+/-2), which is what it reads when in Windows not doing a great deal.

If I alt/tab out of a game it'll read up to 69*C, can't say I've ever seen it 70*C or above but who knows whilst I'm in game.

From what I've read in these forums this seems a little high, well for idle anyway. My rig is only a week or two old and the arctic cooling MX-1 paste said it needs 200hrs until optimal performance... but even still....

my hs/f is an Arctic Cooling Silencer 64 Ultra TC.

Am I just whinging, and all is fine?
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  1. I've also got an AMD 3700+ with the stock heatsink and it never goes above 40*C. Sometimes the bios can read temperatures wrong, the bios on my gigabyte mobo told me my old amd 3000+ processor was idleing around 72*C which was very wrong when we checked the temperatures manually. However you could of attached the heatsink wrong or the thermal paste in which case it would result in higher temperatures. Are you experinceing any slow downs due to this high temperature?
  2. I would find it very alarming to see in windows, if the CPU is at 60+C idle. If I were you, I wouldn't play any game, till you got that fixed.

    I agree that you may have put the heat sink on wrong, since that is a possibility. Looks like your heat sink setup came with Artic Silver 5?

    AS5 does take 200 hours to cure. Did you go by the directions from the website? Be sure you used the right amount of it on the top of the CPU. Only the size of a BB or rice grain should be enough, by spreading it evenly on the top.

    Anything more, could result that the AS5 is insulating the heat, rather then dissipate it fully.
  3. No.

    I just installed and ran Prime95 (small fft test[whatever that is]).

    My cpu temp went from 60*C to 65*C in about 10 seconds. Then another 10 seconds and it hit 66*C and my cpu fan jumped from around 500-980rpm to over 1550rpm and kept the cpu temp stable at 65*C.

    When I stopped the test the cpu temp immediately dropped to 62*C then back to 60*C and the fan also dropped back down.

    I think I'll stop worrying, as although the idle temp seems a little high nothing seems to get out of hand, so I'll leave it at that.

    Thanks anyway! :roll:
  4. sorry Grimmy, posted that before I read your reply.

    The hs/f came with very little paste, only just enough to cover the cpu. I'm pretty sure I did everything by the book.

    I take it once the hs/f is installed you can't really check it without cleaning and re-applying from scratch?

    edit: the paste it came with simply says Arctic Cooling MX-1, in a tiny little syringe. grey in colour.

    *'gray' in 'color' for the americans :wink:
  5. Ahh.. okay, I read that too fast. :lol:

    I used prime95 as well. That will stress it quite abit. With my P4 overclocked to 2.9, my load temps reach 60C, and stays 3 hours straight. I set the P4 back to reg speeds, and it never breaks 55C hardly, that was about over an hour. My P4 is still on a stock heatsink.

    When playing a game, you made need to consider that the video card is adding heat, so you CPU may not be getting any cool air, if you play it for 2 hours or so.

    I guess you have good air ventilation? In windows, if you don't have any background programs running, and CPU usage is at 0-2 percent, you should be sitting at or around low 40C.
  6. It's seems to generally idle around 60*C, I've never seen it below 54*C apart from boot-up when it's warming up.
  7. That would be correct. If you remove it, clean it thoroughly and reapply the paste. By the sounds of it, if you are sure that you installed the HSF properly, there could be a problem within the heatsink itself and may be rendered defective. If you pull it back off, inspect it.
  8. Ouch.. I still think that a too high, even for that 3700+ for non-stock heatsink.

    Have you tried running your rig with the side case off, maybe running a fan pointed into it?

    I know my Dad's AMD XP 2400+ used to idle at 50C and reached 60C load on stock heatsink.

    After I changed the heatsink that was rated upto 3700+, with AS5, his processor was sitting idle 38-40C. Loads were 47-49C, with the side off. My dad's PC really sucks for air flow. I wish he would have consulted with me, before buying it... LOL owell.
  9. okay, just taken the side off and put a big proper fan to blow into the case, i'll post back with results.
  10. Right, got it down to 52*C (after a good 10mins), but the cpu fan felt it wasn't needed and turned itself down to 0rpm. I've noticed it doesn't really kick in to high rpm's until 65*C, so perhaps the readings are 10*C out. The case temp went from a usual 38*C down to 25*C so I shall be investing in a couple more case fans.

    Everything including games seem to run without any probs or glitching at all, so I figure if it ain't broke don't fix it.

    What d'ya reckon??

    edit: it's hovering around 52-53*C now so I guess that's as low as it'll get.
  11. Hehe.. well I agree to a point on, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

    Wow.. so the heatsink fan cuts off to 0rpm at a certain temp? Is that a bios setting? Both my P4 and Dad's XP don't have fan settings to set, unless I over looked it. (I think I may have.. heh) My fan speeds stay at constant 2400-2600 rpm. Doesn't change even if it hits 60C.

    Not sure what to recommend.. have a PC case model number, to see what your rig sits in?

    Edit: My case temp is 28C atm, room 74 F. If my room temp is 80 F, my case will reach 33-34C, which will influence higher CPU temps.

    Edit: My bios does have Q-Fan, but it was disabled. When enabled it does have ratio settings. (10/15 11/15 12/15 13/15 14/15 Full speed).

    Never did think about using it though... I turned it on for 10/15 ratio, and MM5 still shows 2300 rpm... idle temps CPU 43, Case 29.

    Dunno if you want to try with the Q-Fan settings lil higher on yours.
  12. The 'TC' suffix on my hs/f supposedly means Temperature Controlled to keep noise levels low. Which is why my pc kept shutting down at boot-up thinking it wasn't working, so I swapped the psu and cpu fan cables around. not ideal but at least I don't have to maually kick it into gear by blowing on it!!

    Also my bios doesn't allow me to adjust any settings for the fans, or fsb for that matter. It's version 3.04 and the lastest is 3.8. I shall upgrade it at some point as I don't think 3.04 supports cool n' quite or anything, not sure though here's the page:


    Looks like it's 3.9 now!
  13. Ahh... I see the 3.8 had and update: Support Cool and Quiet function.

    So you may/will have better control over that.
  14. Ok from what I have read and looked up I think your problem might be resulting from a few things.

    You don’t have the hsf installed properly which has been mentioned many times before and if you haven’t checked that by now you really need to even though it means cleaning up that thermal grease and doing it all again. Also with the AS5 you quite literally only need a dot about this size O but that’s it. Go to AS5 web site for full instructions.

    I looked up your hsf that you are using and it looks way too small to do a sufficient job of cooling. Its just too low of a profile, I would go back to the AMD hsf. I have a 3500+ and ran it on the AMD hsf for about a year and even hard core half life 2 gaming for hours my cpu only got to 52c max; idle at 40c.

    It sounds like you are using some sort of fan controlling utility because you said you fan will go to 0rpm if you use another fan to assist in cooling with the side off of your case, try taking that utility off of your system and just have the fan full RPM all the time and get something to watch the temp.

    My brother had a very similar problem with his pc, his is a Pentium but the problem was with the motherboard, he got a new mobo and it fixed his problem, but only after several other attempted fixes.

    If you don’t want to use the stock hsf and you don’t want to use what you currently are using this is what im using currently on my 3500+
    this thing is a BEAST my cpu now never breaks 42c even when I played FEAR for 5 hours straight and the fan never went above 1000 rpm so its quiet too. Downside to this is to make sure your mobo and case can fit it. I have an MSI K8 Neo4 Platinum in a standard ATX case and it fits fine.
  15. I think he installed the AS5 correctly.

    Makes sense to me if the fan is at 0rpm, he will have 50C temps, idle.

    Perhaps on that bios update things may look better once that fan stays on... unless he likes/needs it quiet.

    Switching to another HSF would still problably have the same problem, if the power is controlled by the bios, which would cut power to the fan.
  16. There is no software for the hs/f, it functions how it does out of the box. If I want to disable the 'TC' function and have it spin constantly I have to cut the wires to its thermostat and join them together or something. It's on their website anyway!

    I don't have the stock cooler as I bought the cpu as oem cos it seemed so cheap (£136.71!). And as for the hs/f being 'way' too small, I hardly think that's the case, it's a chunky old thing and is rated up to 4000+ and had some good reviews. Also it's virtually silent even when spinning over 1700rpm!

    Anyways when I have the time and patients, just for peace of mind I shall re-affix my heatsink from scratch and update the mainboard bios.

    Thanks for all your input folks, much appreciated!
  17. Quote:
    If I want to disable the 'TC' function and have it spin constantly I have to cut the wires to its thermostat and join them together or something. It's on their website anyway!

    Wow... thats kind of crappy. If you cut the wire for the thermostat, I would imagine you won't get temp readings, or correct readings. Though I could be wrong.. didn't look at the instructions.

    You would think the bios settings would allow you to adjust something, like the rpm at a ratio, or disable it for max.

    But anywhoo... glad we could get the temp lower for ya on, with the case opened.
  18. Yeah, I think the cutting wires bit simply stops the fan from trying to be 'intelligent'. I shouldn't have thought it would disable the temp readings, as that wouldn't be very handy at all! The boot-up problems I mentioned are dealt with on the A/C website.

    Case is back together and cpu is back to 60*C. Again, I'll sort all this out when I can be bothered as nothing seems that bad.

    Thanks again!
  19. Got the 3700+ (San Diego) myself, with aftermarket cooling: Zalman CNPS 9500, ran 2 hours of prime95 Temp did not exceed the 39°C barrier with the fan at lowest speed (also have a Zalman 6 channel fan speed controller)... So take it from me: 60°C is NOT normal, fix it asap

    if your temp in case is to high, just run it with open case just to check
    to check if you applied the heatpaste (can't remember the correct english term atm :D , it's the stuff you put between your sink and cpu) just feel if your heatsink is very hot (if your temp is 60°C and your heatsink is very hot, you applied the paste correct, if the heatsink is cold or room temp then there lies your problem), saves you alot of work
    and just sort out the fan thing, it's only possible to run without a fan when you have a very good case airflow with a huge cooler

    hope this helps you a bit


    PS: do not continue running at these high temps, the higher the temps, the "sooner" you will get probs with it
  20. Just had another thought...

    You could just rig another fan to replace the heatsink fan, that just connects directly to the molex power from the PS. Just another cheap fix to have something running constantly.

    You won't be able to get RPM readings, though, I would guess if the temps went back up to 60C idle, then that would be an indication that fan is at 0 rpm... hehe
  21. cardcrash, I see that you are running an MSI board.

    Me too, my temp is reading about 55 C and the heatsink is COOL.

    Pretty sure the temp sensor is not working.

  22. Well I'm starting to think maybe I put a bit too much termal paste on, so will sort that out then see what it reads.

    As for the MSI board, PC Alert tells me my +12V rail is at 6.49V. Dunno what that's all about. And it displays little graphs for Vcore, 3.3V and +5V but gives no readings for any of 'em, just says N/A, but maybe it's supposed to, I'm new to all of this!

    One problem after another!! :x
  23. Quote:
    ... So take it from me: 60°C is NOT normal, fix it asap

    More important than anything else... where did you get those degrees symbols?!? 8O I have to make do with a shoddy asterisk!!! :(
  24. Quote:
    ... So take it from me: 60°C is NOT normal, fix it asap

    More important than anything else... where did you get those degrees symbols?!? 8O I have to make do with a shoddy asterisk!!! :(

    LOL I'm Belgian, this is right above the ) sign on my keyboard for me °°°°°°°°°° :wink:
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