Solid Gaming 939 at Reasonable Price?

Sorry if this question has been asked a million times before. I did some searching without much luck on exactly what I'm looking for.

My AGP video card just died and it's finally time to build a new rig. My goal here is to build a solid gaming machine at a fairly reasonable price. I know I want a Socket 939 board w/PCI-e video. I am not really interested in SLI or overclocking. Everything I have read says that spending money on expensive boards doesn't really improve performance that much. I would rather put my money into a new 7800 anyway.

With that said, what is a good rock-solid 939 board at a decent price without all the bells and whistles? By decent price, I'm talking sub $100 at least, and I don't want to get a board that's 2 years old or has integrated graphics, or only has 1 PCI slot just to save money.

Is that enough rambling for you guys to maybe help me out with some suggestions?

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  1. I Thinks you Shold go for "MSI K8N Ne4 FI" and if you want IEEE 1394 and Dual Lan Go For its Platinum Version , They are good board , any way if u dont like MSI you maybe find better things on Asus or Gigabyte But i RECOMMANDED K8N Neo 4 Platinium or K8N Neo 4 FI
  2. I agree with PX7800GT.
  3. Is the nForce 4 chipset THE chipset to go with these days?
  4. you have a host of options. I'd go with an nForce 4 Ultra based board, since this design has been around a while and is well tested.

    If you look at Neweggs mobos AMD compatible -> nForce 4 Ultras there are only 15 listed, and almost all are under $100. A friend of mine just put together a machine based on the ASUS A8N-E and has had solid performance, but any of the name brands there (ECS, ABIT, DFI, MSI,...) I'm sure would be great.

    Couple that with 1GB RAM, a 3700+, and a 7800GT and you'll have a great system for under 1K.
  5. nForce4 is for overclocking. If you want stock, any VIA or SIS mobo will do.
  6. Biostar TForce 6100-939. Had one since they first came out. Rock solid, automatic overclocking. Under 70 bucks at newegg right now.
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