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I just a digital camara so I want to get a good photo printer. The printer have to be able to produce good color graphics and glossy photos. I do not care about the speed. I willing to spend around $300 for the printer. Please give me some suggestion.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. I had an epson color photo (from Compusa for 150 -50 mail in rebate) and that thing would print some pictures.
    I showed a 8x10 4.0megpixel print from a cannon g2 to my dad that has done 35mm and wide format photography for 15 yrs, and he was surprised at the quality....he is now thinking about going digital.

    Simply put it, its an excelent photo printer.
    I always were suspicious about epsons paper feed mechanism, but maybee mine was a defect...made funny noises.
    But yes, its an awsome printer.

    I did take it back and got the money back, because 1st, that paper mechanism bothered me, and second, epson started placing somekind of chips on their printer cartiges, where when the ink runs out, it shuts the cartige down, and you cant refill it.

    But if you plan on buying ink from the store, its a great printer.

    Also, my next printer will be canon s800,
    its about 300bucks with shipping, but all the ink catiges (6 of them) are separate, and you can also refill them.

    Hope this helps.

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  2. i use a compaq ij750 / which is really a lexmark i do not know modle but it really prints great photos and use twin cartrage's
  3. Thank for the suggestion. I will check out the printers.
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