Nforce4 Still have problems?

I'm building a new system and I have my eye on Asus A8N-E Rev 2.0, But I've heard so many problems associated with nforce4 that i'm having alot of doubts.
does the Revision 2.0 fix the problems with maxtor harddisks and SB X-FI Cards? and any other problems I may not know about?
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  1. Anyone?.... Please?
  2. the problem with maxtors SATAII HDs is easily fixed, just set them to SATA I, little or no performance loss (set jumper to other position)

    audigy works fine for me, havent tried XFI
  3. I have had no problems with my MSI board based on the Nforce 4. I've had it since about September of 2005. The only thing that's come close to a problem was having to disable NCQ on my sata drive because windows didn't get past the loading screen with it enabled. I haven't tried it with the newer Nvidia drivers, it may work now. So far my NF4 based motherboard has been great. Only downside that I can see is the fact that the NF4 requires more cooling than older Nforce chipsets.
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