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I recently built my brother a computer and had it shipped to him from Georgia to Idaho. He started it up and the DVD/CD burner would not play DVD's right. So I sent him a replacement burner, a brand new (NEC ND3550A). This drive is doing the same thing. So we pulled the sound card (left it out) and it will copy DATA/MPEG/AUDIO with no problems except music play back directly from CD. It "ticks" when it reads with the drive read light and play with "ticks" and slow video. Any help or advice would be appreciated. Thank you. Below is info on computer:

Mother Board-A7N8X-X, BIOS V6.00(PHOENIX), VID CARD-PowerColor Radeon 9550 256MB DDR 8X AGP, AMD PROC 2GHZ, Operating Sys WIN 2K, Software is NERO that is packaged with drive and sound card is SoundblasterLive 24 bit PCI.
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  1. try a new cable.. make sure in your device manager you have DMA selected.

    try putting it as the master on a diff channel... there's tons of stuff you can try before you freak out.
  2. Finally got it figured out. I used the DVD Rom as a slave off of the HD and it works great. I bought the same NEC drive and slaved it off my HD and it works great. We had tried new cables and everything, trying to keep it on a seperate cable under master, but no luck. Anyway, its up and running. Thanks for the input Rob.

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