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Hi guys

My brother brought up a good point.
The WSPR rating for PCs (CPUs, etc) is a moving target.
So, Your PC is fairly good in 2006 with a rating of 3.
If you buy software with a rating of 3 and all should work fine.
But what happens when you buy software with a rating of 3 in 2007,8,9 ?
Will a 2006 PC rating of 3 work with software rating of 2-3 in 2008?
Will the rating hold true until the next version of windows in 2009?

This rating is a good idea, but I see some problems.
I know there is very little info on this now, but maybe it can be fixed before things go final.

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  1. I guess no one sees a problem with this.
  2. well dude the reason ppl arent replying is that not alot are on now
  3. who cares u read th eminimum requirements on th ebottom of the box f they meet buy the danm thing if not buy new parts.
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