Build a New or Keep the current system ?

Ok folks I'm thinking of building a new system and not sure if I sould even do it yet because the current system really runs good and I have had no issues with the new games like FEAR or HL2 all run smooth . But the modder in me wants to tear it up . At the time of the build the system was top of the line but now the advent of PCI exspress and 64 bit cpu is making me feel left behind

any advice would be welcome :?
Current system specs :

MSI: ms-6712 (v1.x) KT4V /VIA KT400Chipset Based

AMD Athlon XP 2400+ Cooled with a Thermaltake : Volcano 9 cool mod

ATI Radeon 9800 Pro 128 duel head AGP

ATI Radeon 7000 Pro 64 single head PCI

1gig ram @ 333 FSB

2x Maxtor 60gig HD 7200 rpm ATA 100/133

1 DVD cdrom


3 Monitors running 1024x768 @32bit = 3072x768 Desktop space

OS: Windows XP Pro
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  1. You have not yet amortized the previous purchase, and as you say, you have no issue with the box.

    So it's very easy to tell you, "Save your pennies, and buy in a year from now."
  2. definitly build a new one the one you have now was good for its time but wait a few months for m2
  3. Well if I get funds built up I will most likly do a new one from the base up all and compleat mod . as for as cost probly 1 or 2 thousand depending on what is out at the time of the build . I know that sounds like alot but it does get spread out over a year . I like to take my time in building a system and do it nice and neat with cleaver mods built in as I go
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