power supply not turning on

i have this ultra x-connect 500watts powersupply, when i connect everything to my dell dimension 4100 (i know its a old Pent 3 with 200watts psu) nothin turns on when i press the power button.

but when i turn it on from the back (switch behind the power supply) it gives a weird sound, something like bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz but no fan, no nothing turns on.

is the power supply defective?? or am i connecting it with the wrong computer.

thanks guys
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  1. Suggestion: buy a power supply tester... $10-13US (see link below). It only determines integrity at initial plug-in, not how the psu will perform under load. For your current siduation though, it'll quickly and easily answer your question. Your issue could also be attributed to a dead mobo or incompatibility.

  2. thanks for your reply

    i think its the incompataibilty, cuz my mobo works fine with my other psu (200watts).

    but how come the fan doesnt turn on,

    any other suggestions.

    thanks again.
  3. problem with a DELL dimension 4100 desktop. It came with only a 200W PSU did you know that DELL PSU were non-standard
  4. Just to clarify what CowboyTech's post... OEMs like Dell, Gateway, Compaq..ect. often remanufacture parts in their pcs (to cut costs). So it's quite possible that your pc will only accept Dell's own replacement parts.

    And with regards to what MinorDamaged suggested, a multi-meter will tell you a lot more than what the tester will.
  5. thanks alot guys, where can i find the multi meter.

  6. They're very common. Radio Shack has them, but they're a bit pricey. If you don't mind buying online, do a Google search and you'll find a ton of vendors. The link below has several models to choose from at very reasonable prices.

  7. Hey, I found this ad;
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    Our Dell-specific upgrade power supplies provide 30%-100% more power than factory Dell units. For Dell owners looking to add the latest power hungry video cards, optical drives or other high-performance components to their systems, our quiet and reliable Dell upgrade power supplies are the perfect solution.
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  8. ATX PSUs are not compatible with Dell 4100s.

    PC Power and Cooling make several Dell compatible PSUs, ranging from 360 - 470W.
  9. IF you can get a Good Power supply tester it will tell you not only whether your getting no power, It will also tell you if your getting to much power. the ones we take on service calls with us we got here.
  10. ^ 3.75 years late
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