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"It's driven by the fact that they can't talk about their current products, because everybody knows their current products aren't very good," said Henri Richard, AMD's chief sales and marketing officer, in an interview with CNET late Friday.

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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  1. i know they were lying those mothaf**k*rs
  2. Quote:
    i know they were lying those mothaf**k*rs

    Who? I've learned not to believe anything until it is 100% verified officially by someone making an official statement from the company, but even then (as we see here) they are not always right. Never trust it till you see it. I seriously doubt Intel's claims are accurate but I would guess that it will be somewhat faster than the current AMD CPUs. 2 times faster than AMD??? Seriously doubt it!
  3. It's sort of like Sony and Microsoft's hype on their game consoles.
  4. I mean come on, a memory BUS? Are we using Pentium 4s? :wink:
  5. actually its more like mac with powerpc
  6. well am i right :?:
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