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I\'m running Windows7 Ultimate with 64-bit and my Installer file has an error and will not install updates, can I just repair Windows7 from the cd without losing everything I have on my computer now? It was an update from Vista to Windows7 Ultimate.
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    can you boot windows? does it run normally?

    if this is a case, the best way is to back up all your files and than install clean copy of windows 7 (updating from vista to 7 or any other usually isn't good)
  2. Yes I can boot up and everything runs fine except my updates don't want to install and I keep getting a message that Windows Installer has a problem but I can't find out a way to repair installer so I figured if I did a repair to Windows7 it might correct that problem.
  3. Sorry I forgot to reply back. My grandson came up with the easiest thing to do and I didn't lose any information or have to do a complete install. He told me to create a new identity and give it Administrator rights and set my old account as a guest and now I can install all my needed updates and I've removed my name from the guest account and it does not have permission to make any changes to my computer. Thank you all for the help and maybe someone can use this bit of information also.
    I did try the other replies but this one was the easiest and quickest to do & it worked.
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