hmm this has a TON of bells and whistles but is it any good?

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  1. no ecs sucks so bad!
  2. Quote:
    no ecs sucks so bad!

    i read a few reviews supposedly a pretty decent board

    anyone own thsi board?
  3. ECS does suck pretty bad.... they are considered to be one of the worst MFGs.

    Avoid if possible.

    You'll be much happier with a DFI, ASUS, Epox or similar boards :D

    Good luck!
  4. ECS has made some decent boards over the years, but in general unreliability has been their downfall. Check out Foxconn boards, they are usually pretty feature-rich at a better price than some of the other brands. Most people in this forum are stuck on Asus, DFI, and Epox. Those are good manufacturers, but they aren't the only makers of good boards, despite what many here will tell you. Over the last several years we have had excellent results with Foxconn, and our results with Asus, which we no longer use except under duress from an insistent customer, were mixed at best. If you want to be a big overclocker, DFI or Epox is what I would recommend. Otherwise, I'd say give Foxconn a good look.
  5. I'll suggest this board again:

    No, I am not a Winfast / Leadtek / Foxconn employee, nor am I paid by them. Just think good performance for a good price is a good idea ;)

    This is similar to the ECS board, but made by: Winfast / Leadtek / Foxconn ; as suggested above already.
  6. its not SLi

    no ill stick with my first choice Abit KN8
  7. Sorry, assumed was low cost alternative as ECS, noticed that after I posted and thought.... meh, it won't matter much.
  8. I've bought an ECS board for my AthlonXP 1800+ and I've used for 2 years without a single problem...
  9. Congratulations!

    You are the luckiest person on earth! :D ;-)

    Actually ECS has made some decent boards and some really crappy ones. It varies - some batches are ok some are terrible.

    I would not recommend one.
  10. haha maybe indeed. It was a K7S5A I believe, I know for a fact that it worked pretty well for a lot of people.
  11. lol i built 4 systems with the K7S5A and all are still running today...not a single problem
  12. tekzone & SixBone:

    Yeah, the K7S5A was ok mine shorted out and melted the ATX connectors.

    Damn near caught fire.

    So you guys have been lucky :D

    It was a great value board in its day.
  13. My first build was on an ECS board, can't remember anymore but the KS75A sounds damn familiar. Worked great for a few months and then sh*t the bed frying my ram on the way out. For the price they're ok but just ok. Spend the extra $ and get something more reliable.
  14. I will have to admit that I saw one just die one day for no reason at all. It's kind of like a box of chocolate you never know what you're gonna get (© Forrest Gump)

    ah yes I was lying, it did fry a stick of RAM
  15. :D

    Banusflakes & tekzone

    Yup, luck has a lot to do with it and like all MFGs some batches are ok and some are junk - so you have to do your research before you buy.

    For better results I would strongly recommend ASUS, DFI, Epox, Tyan, Abit or MSI.

    I would put ECS at the very bottom of the list.

    Semper Fi Carry^H^H^H^H^H Linux on! :D
  16. Linux_0, trust me that I chose ECS because I had no other choice. Now, I do MSI propaganda around me and buy it myself. Works like a charm :D

    1 year and a half of loyal services and not a single problem
  17. :D

    Semper Fi Carry^H^H^H^H^H Linux on!
  18. I've had 3 generations of ECS boards and have so far had no problems (once I got it working). I've used them for both AMD and Intel processors. However, the problem is just that--getting it woking. I had to return one board three times before I got a working board. Once everything was up and running, everything ran smoothly and I never had any problems afterwards. So far I've been on ECS boards for three years and running. Good luck!
  19. That's always fun... or not

    ECS is a definite no-no, go for MSI people :D
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