need help on NIC's

I have four Intel PCI Pro 10/100 cards and they are installed on Dell OptiPlex with FreeBSD as OS.

I can see four "fxp?" interfaces. When I connect them to a switch, they are showed as "active". But only two of them are actually working (passing traffic). Another two are not working properly; I can ping them (after I configured IP addresses for them) but I can't ping any other machines on their own lan seqmenets, ie, I can't see beyond themselve.

What is the problem? IRQ conflicts?

Thanks in Advance
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  1. Check if the the subnets are open enough to reach each other? Check their routing tables to make sure they're able to get to each other.
  2. This is quite possibly a software configuration issue and you might find that you get a quicker answer if you moved this over to the Linux forum (although I do know some of that crew hang out round here too).

    In the spirit of a hardware issue though I would swap the cards with those from the working subnets and rule it out. You could also try taking a card you know works and testing each subnet individualy. If each works independantly then it might indeed be a conflict.
  3. I had a similar problem. Go into the Bios and disable everything that you can. Also remove any sound card or other unnecessary card. Make sure that FreeBSD recognizes 4 network interfaces.
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