Will better Soundcard (xfi) reduce hiss?

Hi, i just got logitech z2300s. I can turn them up about half way (which is REALLY LOUD to me)....however beyond that, i do hear some hissing. Obviously turning the mic on makes it much worse.

To remedy the situation, I turned the master volume (in the windows controls) up therefore i get the sound i want (and no audible hiss) when the speaker volume dial is about 1/4 max.

I have a SB Live card from 4 - 5 years ago (its had its share of wear and tear).

I was planning on upgrading to an x-fi xtreme music. I was wondering if the newer cards are better made to prevent picking up background noise (and thereby creating the hiss, as i understand it).

Obviously, the x-fi has numerous advantages over cards from 5 years ago...and at 95 bucks thru zipzoomfly, it seems like a really good deal. I just want to know if that will stop hissing somewhat as well.

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  1. i can tell u why i get a hiss

    i have no AGP slot

    my PCI bus is lame

    my PCI gfx interferes with my Audigy 2

    i get a hiss if i put my mouse on a hyper link i get a snap crackle pop sound cuz my pointer turned into a hand

    your his is liveable dont complain :)

    actually the hiss will prolly always be there for ur answer i dont kno hjow to fix it
  2. The X-Fi might or might not fix your problems. You have to determine first if its your sound card or your speakers that is causing the hiss.
  3. The SB Live is known to be noisy when you increase the volume, this is also true for 99% of onboard cards and most average PCI sound cards.

    The X-Fi should produce better and clearer sound however at higher volume levels you may still experience distortion and or noise.
  4. It may just be the natural noise floor of the equipment you are using. If that is what you are hearing (probably is) then yes the X-Fi should have a better dynamic range and thus slightly lower noise floor at the same gain settings.
  5. Not that my first post wasn't correct ...I guess I should point it out since those xfis are so expensive. If the noise in the noise floor you are hearing isn't dominated by noise from the soundcard then you may not get a noticeable increase in quality by upgrading soundcards.

    For example maybe the speaker system is where most of the noise you hear is from. A better soundcard in this instsance might not buy you much since the noise in the speaker system is louder overall. You could compare the noise out of the speakers with the sounccard output plugged vs unplugged to see the sound cards noise contribution.

    Edit : added following qualifier into above post - "noticeable"
  6. mute the mic, cdrom and line in sound properties, raise the sound card volume and turn it down on the speakers

    my audigy 1 doesnt suffer much hissing
  7. I've already done all that stuff (mut mic/turn up volume) and like i said, it runs fine now. Its just when i turn it up pretty loud, that i can hear some hissing.

    I tried waht an earlier post said...unplug and turn it up, very little to no hissing at max volume. That leads me to believe its the soundcard.

    For now ill probably wait until the x-fi's come down in price. Im guessing in a few months it will be easy to find them under 100 with rebates and what not.
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