Any Suggestions For Small PC Case? Maybe Shuttle???

Looking for small footprint PC case as I dont have alot of desk space. ( My fax and laser printer are fooking desk hogs!!! ) Any suggestions for a pre-built system or do I need to build from scratch? Looking for specs good enough for light gaming and internet with a price cap of around $1000. ( prefer AMD ) Is shuttle a good box to use? Anybody know of any case mods/neon lights for shuttle? Would using a mobile processor help reduce any overheat problems in the small case? Would a cpu water cooler fit in there?
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  1. i have a shuttle sn25 with an amd 4000+ and a ati aiw 1800. 2 wd 400gb hdd raid0 and 2 gb of ram i use it to play games on my 62 inch hidef tv. it plays games well.....
  2. shuttels are nice but they carry a big price for a small box.

    you will be lucky to build a machine in a shuttle box for less than $1000.
  3. if ya pick and choose carefullly its possible
    $300 for shuttle.
    $200 for cpu
    $200 video card
    $100 ram 1 gb
    $100 hdd
    $45 dvd drive

    $300 shuttle
    $350 cpu amd 4000+
    $400 aiw 1800 if had waited 1 month coulda got the 1900aiw for $500
    $400 2 wd 400gb hdd
    $250 2gb patriot ram
    $50 lite-on dvd rw
  4. Forget shuttle its a waste to be honest. The only thing that was goo about it was its resell value because of its hype. I sold my sn95g5 and 6800gt and purchased an Aspire Qpack (slightly larger case than a shuttle sn95g5) and an asus a8n vm csm micro atx mobo for even up.

    Aspire Qpack (available in other colors) $85

    Asus a8nvm csm mobo $79

    its much better than a shuttle. its alumi as well, with a mobo tray, 2 hd slots, 2 5.25 bays, lighting already and a 120m fan in the back for cooling. Plus its not proprietary like shuttles crap is so you can upgrade the mobo later easier and switch to intel if you really wanted to. (don't know why you'd want to switch to intel lol)


    $85 aspire qpack case
    $79 asus mobo
    $150-300 cpu
    $280 7800gt vid card
    $250 2 gigs of corsair XMS 2-2-2-5 ram (4x512) (ebay all the time)
    $150 hd
    $70 lightscribe dvd

    total of $1064

    You can save money getting cheaper ram if you wanted. But the xms is great stuff.
  5. I recently built a Shuttle SB61G2 system; P4 2.0 GHz, 1 gig DDR PC3200 RAM, Pioneer 16x DL DVD+/- writer, 250 gig Maxtor SATA 150 hard drive. Total cost including shipping was under US$600. Granted, this is not the latest bleeding-edge Shuttle, and it's an Intel, not an AMD (and if you want to do any gaming you'll need a good AGP VGA card), but it's proof that a decent system can be put together for well under $1000 using a Shuttle base.

    I also have a Qbic here on the desk (model number I'm not sure; it has two 5.25-inch bays and a mirrored front panel).

    Both Shuttle and Qbic make good bare-bones systems. My gut feeling is that anyone who has performance problems with a Shuttle doesn't know what he's doing.
  6. IMO, the Q-pack is fugly. That is too fat and too ugly.
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