LCD info PLZ!

I have been searching the internet for a couple days now, and just can not seem to find any anwsers to the question I have.

I want to buy a 17 or 19 in. LCD, but I want it to have the glossy screen. I've found some of those monitors, but I'd like to know all the monitors that are available, so I can compare. Is there any where I can go that provides this info, or anyone out there willing to tell me. I've found a few monitors such as the Benq F71V+, and the NEC 1770GX, but I'd like to know all of them. Such as any samsung models, ect.

I'm looking for an 8ms monitor, preferably the cheaper the better, but price isn't really a factor. Please help me, and information would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. Hey man, have you tried Viewsonic? They have been a pretty trusted brand with me for the last few years with any monitor they make. Also Dell makes good LCD's as well. Try and do a search. They have user reviews that can help you.
  2. What do you mean by glossy?
  3. I appreciate the info that you've given me so far.

    What I need to know though is the model numbers. What I meant by glossy, was the finish of the screen. I want a glossy finish instead of the matted look. I know the glossy screens are reflective, but I believe they look alot better. I've searched the internet everywhere for about a week and a half trying to find somewhere that listed all the glossy screen monitors, but I just cant find a sight.

    Please help me, I'm starting to get frustrated.
  4. Alright, I think I found the monitor I want to get, can some one give me some input about it.

    It's the SCEPTRE X9g-GAMER Black 19" 12ms LCD Monitor, here's a link to the manufacuters website, , and new eggs website .

    It's either that monitor, or the NEC 1770gx, I really like this monitor, but it's a bit expensive for a 17in monitor.

    Any info on these would be greatly appreciated.
  5. How do you know it's 'glossy'?

    The LCD I have
  6. You know its glossy if it has a glass like finish to the screen instead of a dull, matte look. Everything looks more crisp on these monitors.
  7. Makes sense, but how do you know the Sceptre model is glossy?
  8. Looking through lots of reviews, and hearing people say, "I love the glossy screen" or "I hate it"....

    So is there anyone out there that has any info.. Please....
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